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Commercial, Office, Residential
Steel raceway, provides superior strength for any dry location. Tough durable ScuffCoat finish makes a scratch-resistant surface that can be painted.
600 V voltage rating
1-29/32 in outside diameter
Provides superior strength for any dry location
Provides functionality and flexibility with aesthetics for single or dual service applications
Streamlines the raceway appearance and provides increased protection for both activations and cabling
Tough durable ScuffCoat finish makes a scratch resistant surface that can be painted
Provides complete wiring solution and allows for interconnection between raceway systems
Allows easy access to wiring for changes and addition
Now you can wire devices into the raceway system, making 2400 series raceway an excellent choice for communication wiring
Provides tremendous labor savings
Boxes mount over continuous run of raceway base eliminating the need to cut raceway when locating devices
Comes in Fog White color