Automation Systems and Controls

Account Inquiry

Account Inquiry allows you to view Open or Paid Invoices as well as schedule electronic payments for Open Invoices. You will need to have Financial Access permissions to view Account Inquiry. 

You must log in with your username and password to access Account Inquiry.

  • View orders that have been shipped and invoiced
  • Obtain shipping info and proof of delivery (POD) signatures
  • Print or email invoice copies
  • Pay invoices online

Follow the steps below to access Account Inquiry and manage your invoices.

1. Access Account Inquiry

Account Inquiry 1

After logging into the website, the 'My Account' quick menu can be accessed by hovering over the ‘Person’ icon in the header. Click the ‘Account Inquiry’ link. 

Alternatively, you can access your Account Inquiry by clicking the ‘Account Inquiry’ link in the lefthand navigation of the ‘My Account’ page.

2. Search Invoices

Account Inquiry 2
Click the 'Search Invoices +' link at the top of the 'Account Inquiry' page to reveal the search options.

3. Narrow Search Criteria

Account Inquiry 3

Use the 'Status' dropdown menu to select an option to view Open Invoices or Paid Invoices.

You can also search by:

  • Ship To Address
  • Invoice #
  • PO #
  • Release #
  • Ordered By
  • Date Range

Click the 'Search' button to render results. 

Click ‘Clear’ to start a new search.

From the search results click the 'Date', 'Invoice #' or 'Due Date' link to view invoice details.

4. Pay Invoice

Account Inquiry 4

Click the ‘Pay’ link next to any invoice on the 'Account Inquiry' page (you may need to use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the table to reveal the 'Pay' link).  

You may also click the 'Pay Invoice' button on the 'Invoice Details' page.

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