CoroTurn® 300 - Combines Innovative Technology For High-Volume OD Turning

When you need that little extra in terms of quality and machining effectiveness in your metal cutting operations – look no further than CoroTurn 300. Featuring high-precision coolant and stable insert clamping solutions, these systems combine chip control and accuracy for long tool life and high surface quality.


  • High Chip Control
  • Long Tool Life
  • Improved Surface Quality
  • Short Set-up Times
  • Predictable, Stable Performance
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Eight-Edge Inserts

The Eight-Edged Inserts of CoroTurn 300 ensure good heat transformation for predictable performance and wear. More edges also means fewer inserts which in turn means better control of the inventory. The geometries are designed for excellent chip breaking within their respective application areas. The eight-edged insert design means less carbide per edge which means less material to recycle and waste.

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Chip Control and Long, Predictable Tool Life

High precision coolant from above controls the chip breaking for secure machining, while under coolant controls the temperature for long and predictable tool life. The coolant also has positive effects on surface quality.

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iLock CoroTurn 300

High-Quality Surfaces

To achieve the highest quality of surfaces, the key is to prevent cutting forces from causing micro-movements of the insert. iLock™, an interface between insert and holder, was developed to bridge this challenge.

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For more info about CoroTurn® 300 call 1-800-323-TOOL (8665) to speak with a Steiner metalworking representative.