Siemens SINAMICS G115 Distributed Drive System

Innovative system solutions for horizontal motion applications

The new SINAMICS G115D is a powerful drive system that has been specifically designed to address current and future challenges involving horizontal conveyor applications. Typical applications include intralogistics and airports. These markets face challenges such as the volume of demands and parcel shipments, and in environments where space is at a premium. This means that a higher volume must be handled in a shorter time. SINAMICS G115D is the optimum device when addressing all of these requirements as it operates reliably under harsh conditions and takes up little space. It combines a motor, frequency converter and gearbox in one single unit. This all-in-one solution means that it can be easily integrated into existing automation environments.

Steiner Automation specialists can help you configure the right distributed drive system for your requirements and provide guidance on how to improve operational efficiencies through integration.

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SINAMICS G115D: Two versions of one drive system

SINAMICS G115D is not just a new distributed drive, but a complete drive system. The SINAMICS G115D comprises a motor, frequency converter and gearbox and is available in two versions. This user-friendly, modular and versatile solution offers dedicated features for conveyor applications, and has an innovative design to make connecting up, commissioning and service very easy. With SINAMICS G115D, you benefit from an out of the box concept for easy handling, fast set-up and extremely simple operation.

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Key Features for the most important advantages

  • Complete system, extremely easy to configure and install
  • All components included and preconfigured from the factory
  • Minimized space requirement, optimal performance
  • Full TIA integration and MindSphere connectivity
  • Prepared for operation under harsh conditions (down to –30 °C)
  • Extremely versatile (wall and motor mounted versions, identical electronic module)
  • Simple on-site service of mechanical and electronic modules


  • SINAMICS G115D stands for easy configuring, easy ordering and easy commissioning. As a comprehensive distributed drive system, it is the simple solution to address the challenges of horizontal conveyor applications.
  • Fully implemented in the Totally lntegrated Automation (TIA) environment, which seamlessly integrates hardware, software and services. All of the individual components are harmonized and coordinated with one another.



  • Rugged design that has a high IP degree of protection (up to IP66). This makes it ready to use in harsh environments, but as a result of its compact design it can be used in applications where space is at a premium.
  • Reliable operation over a wide temperature range extending from -30 to 55°C.



  • The SINAMICS G115D drive system belongs to a family of distributed converters.
  • The distributed system approach allows motors to be controlled close to the actual application, reduces the number of motor cables required, improves electromagnetic compatibility and reduces thermal losses.

Specific functions for a wide range of applications

SINAMICS G115D is more than just another frequency converter. lt is an optimally matched system solution comprising a high-efficiency geared motor and an innovative, low profile frequency converter. The system has been optimized exclusively for energy and cost efficient horizontal motion in applications such as conveyor belts, sorting systems, baggage and freight conveyor systems, warehouse and distribution logistics, mail sorting as well as parcel distribution. It has been specifically designed to address intralogistic and airport applications, but also in the automotive and F&B domains. Perfect fit for decentralized drive technology.

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