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The SIMATIC controller portfolio ranges from logic modules for simple control tasks, to classic modular PLCs, all the way to PC-based control.

  • For small, simple automation tasks & highly complex projects
  • Readily expandable via pluggable I/O, functional & communications modules for maximum flexibility
  • PC based control options
  • High availability & fail-safe solutions

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TIA Portal Programming Environment

A TIA Portal is the key to unlocking the full potential of totally integrated automation. It is extremely user-friendly with an intuitive user-interface, simple functions and complete data transparency.

  • Optimizes all planning, machine & process procedures
  • Pre-existing projects & data can be easily integrated
  • One project incorporates all automation components; Controllers, HMI, Motion, Drives, Safety & Motors
  • Changes to variables are applied automatically throughout the project
  • Connections between devices achieved via simple drag & drop function

S7-1200 PLCs

Achieve many engineering efficiencies in your daily work giving you a competitive advantage.

  • I/O range
  • Utilize the TIA Portal Basic to develop a project including the HMI Basic Panel in a single environment
  • Scalability & flexibility achieved through the integrated PROFINET interface on the S7-1200 for programming HMI connections, distributed I/O & drives

S7-1500 PLCs

The SIMATIC S7-1500 controller family with the high-end CPU 1518 marks a milestone in Automation.

  • I/O range
  • High performance for extremely fast response times
  • PLC based motion control option
  • Integrated security
  • Integrated system diagnostics
  • Develop entire project in the TIA Portal environment

S7-300 PLCs

  • I/O range
  • Modular design with a wide range of modules

S7-400 PLCs

  • Unlimited I/O
  • Outstanding communication capability
  • Hot swapping of I/O
  • High processing speeds, deterministic response times, ideal for high speed machines

PC Based Control

  • SIMATIC WinAC software PLC integrated with SIMATIC S7 programming software
  • SIMATIC WinAC RTXF failsafe software provides a failsafe solution with TUEV certification


SIMATIC HMI Panels have been tried and tested in most applications and virtually every industry all over the globe. They also feature:

  • Configured via SIMATIC WinCC in the TIA Portal, where users can develop their project, including HMI, PLCs, Motion, Drives, Safety & Motors all in one integrated platform
  • High-resolution wide-screen displays from 4" to 22"
  • Key or touch operation
  • Many interface options such as USB or gigabit Ethernet along with SD & MMC for data & recipe logging
  • A wide variety of communication drivers including Ethernet/IP & Modbus/TCP
  • Support for VB scripting
  • Built in viewers for plan documentation such as PDF viewer

SIMATIC Basic Panels

Siemen’s second generation Basic Panel offering is a cost-effective option for low-end applications in high- resolution featuring:

  • Wide screen sizes from 4" to 12"
  • Engineered in the TIA Portal
  • Dimmable wide-screen displays with 64,000 colors • Touch/key functionality for intuitive operation
  • Connectivity with a wide variety of PLC brands

SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panel

  • Rugged, wireless operator panel with full HMI & optional safety functionality
  • Integrated Safety together with SIMATIC failsafe controllers
  • Safety Category SIL 3 or Performance Level PLC can be attained with the failsafe mobile panels