My Orders

My Orders

My Orders is a convenient place to view your account's order history. You will have access to all orders created by your authorized website users as well as orders created by Steiner representatives. You must log in with your username and password to access My Orders.

  • View all orders or filter by specific ship-to locations
  • Check order status
  • Confirm ship dates

Follow the steps below to manage My Orders.

1. Access My Orders

My Orders 1

After logging into the website, the 'My Account' quick menu can be accessed by hovering over the ‘Person’ icon in the header. Click the ‘My Orders’ link. 

Alternatively, you can access My Orders by clicking the ‘My Orders’ link in the lefthand navigation of the ‘My Account’ page.

2. Search My Orders

Web Tips 2
Click the 'Search Orders +' button at the top of the 'My Orders' page to reveal the search options.

3. Select Your Search Criteria

Open Bids 3

Use the 'Status' dropdown menu to select one of the following order status options.

  • In-Process: Open order that has been processed but not yet shipped. See order details for estimated ship date.
  • Open Invoice: Order that has been shipped and invoiced. See order details for ship date and POD.
  • Paid Invoice: Order that has been shipped, invoiced and paid.
  • Submitted: New open order that has recently been received and currently being reviewed before processing.

You can also search by:

  • ShipTo Address (Job Name)
  • PO #
  • Release #
  • Ordered By
  • Date Range
  • Order Total (Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To)
  • Order Amount (Enter in the dollar amount)

Click the 'Search' button to render results. 

Click ‘Clear’ to start a new search.

You can also use the Column Headings as a filter to reorganize the search results by each column's information.

Use the bottom horizontal scroll bar to access additional information in the table.

From the search results click the 'Date' or 'Order #' link to view order details.

4. View Order Details

My Orders 4
From the 'Order Details' page you can view all relevant information pertaining to the selected order.

For more Web Tips to help you manage your Steiner account click here.


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