nVent Hoffman HyShed


Protect your critical electrical equipment with HyShed, the state-of-the-art sanitary washdown enclosure solution. HyShed is specially designed to withstand high pressure, high temperature washdown cleaning procedures in Food & Beverage applications.

Only HyShed gives you the ultimate power to quickly and more easily preserve the integrity of your sanitary conditions and equipment, while promoting lean processes.

The Steiner application team can help you select the right sanitary washdown solution based on your requirements.

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Engineered For Ultimate Protection

Ideally suited for Food & Beverage sanitary washdown applications, the entire HyShed portfolio meets the IP69K (DIN) and IP69 (IEC) ratings, the highest ranks on the Ingress Protection (IP) rating scale. HyShed also is tested and certified to NSF and Type 4X, and is the first enclosure to have a 3-A System Component Qualification Certificate. No other enclosure solution on market today meets this rigor.

Streamlined Hygenic Design

  • Internally mounted hinges reduce catch points and corrosion
  • Crevice-free latch and screw surfaces use standard tool
  • Solid back with no pre-tapped holes for easy weld mounting
  • 15° sloped top prevents fluids or particulates from pooling and maximizes back panel space while minimizing footprint
  • Replaceable blue FDA-grade silicone gasket
    • Easy to replace, clean, maintain and install
    • Resists bacteria growth and chemical absorption
    • Helps eliminate the possibility of water entry
  • Complete 304 stainless steel construction and hardware
    • No. 4 Dairy finish better protects against corrosion, moisture entry and collection of particulates
  • Full enclosure and accessory solution
    • 18 hinge cover models
    • 5 screw cover models
    • Variety of new IP69K-rated accessories

Protection For Every Level

Rely on nVent HOFFMAN’s uniquely comprehensive sanitary washdown enclosure portfolio and accessories to protect your critical equipment during washdown cleaning procedures, from the simplest to the most challenging Food & Beverage applications.

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Concept Sloped Top

Basic-Level Protection

Concept Sloped Top

Ideally suited to protect equipment in minimal washdown applications.

Industry Standards

  • IP66, Type 4X


  • Foam-in-place gasket
  • Pre-tapped mounting holes
  • 90-degree body flange

Recommended Accessories

  • Sanitary leg stands
  • Corrosion inhibitors

Recommended Applications

  • Areas with no food contact
  • Minimal washdown/chemical contact

Medium-Level Protection


Ideally suited to protect equipment in sanitary washdown applications.

Industry Standards

  • IP66, NSF, Type 4X


  • Foam-in-place gasket
  • Easy lift-off hinges shielded by door
  • Stainless steel quarter-turn latch and insert
  • Slanted body flange

Recommended Accessories

  • H2Omit vent drain and dehumidifier
  • Sanitary leg stands
  • Sanitary stand offs

Recommended Applications

  • Food processing areas
  • Mild washdown/chemical contact

High-Level Protection


Ideally suited to protect equipment in CIP and harsh sanitary washdown applications.

Industry Standards

  • IP69K (DIN), IP69 (IEC), NSF, Type 4X
  • 3-A System Component Qualification Certificate


  • FDA-grade replaceable silicone gasket
  • Internally mounted hinges
  • Solid back for easy weld mounting
  • Hygienic latching mechanisms

Recommended Accessories

  • IP69K accessories
  • Replaceable FDA-grade silicone gasket

Recommended Applications

  • On-machine controls and areas with large temperature swings
  • Direct washdown, CIP or chemical rich contact

For more info about nVent HOFFMAN HyShed washdown solutions call 1-800-STEINER (783-4637) to speak with a Steiner representative.