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BANNER LC15T | In-Line Touch Switch

The LC15T In-Line Touch Switch is a sealed, capacitive touch switch that can be connected in-line with many types of DC devices for on/off and PWM control. With a 4-amp output capacity, it can even control the largest of Banner’s DC lights. Its touch device interface and visual status indication make the LC15T an easy-to-use, operator-centric controller. Applications include: General workstations, Operator-centric lighting control, Standalone actuation device, and On/Off control of DC devices.

The Steiner Automation & Controls team can help you review and select the right touch switch based on your application requirements and compatibility with existing systems.

BANNER LC15T Series Features

  • In-line capacitive touch switch with M12 connectors
  • On/Off or PWM Control Models available
  • Low profile, rugged, water-resistant design
  • Perfect for DC-powered devices
  • Rated for up to 30 VDC
  • Capability to dim lights using PWM output
  • Optional snap clips, VHB, or velcro, for easy installation and repositioning
  • 4A maximum output current

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BANNER LC15T Series Key Benefits

Banner’s LC15T is a unique industrial switch that can be used to solve challenging applications. LC15T features excellent immunity to false triggering by water spray, oils, and other foreign materials. Its ergonomic design allows it to be actuated with bare hands or gloves for simple operation with the touch of a finger. It has an IP66/IP67 environmental rating, making it ideal for wet environments. Durable M12 in-line connection and integral mounting holes make it easy to install in minutes without impacting existing application framework.

With its low-profile and sleek design, the LC15T is an easy-to-use interface for controlling a wide range of DC devices. LC15T has the capability to dim lights using PWM output, allowing users to define their preferred states. Customize intensity levels by touching and holding the switch to set your preferred intensity, or double tap to return to 100% intensity. It remembers the last saved state so employees can quickly return to their preferred intensity. Similarly, if power to the device is lost, the switch will return to the last intensity it was set to once power has been restored.

The LC15T effectively communicates status to users with green, blue, and red colors to indicate different device states. When the connected device is off, the switch is red. When the device is on, the switch is green. When the connected device is on and in any intermediary PWM state, the switch is blue. The bright indication mimics light power and output status. Communication is visual, easy to see and understand, even in busy environments.

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