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Square D/Schneider Electric offers a wide range of Square D miniature and molded case circuit breakers with frame sizes, accessories and features to meet every application. With over a 100-year reputation for quality and innovation, Schneider sets new standards for circuit protection by applying leading-edge technology for superior levels of flexibility, repeatability and reliability.

Steiner’s gear team, sales representatives and knowledgeable counter staff can help you select the right circuit breakers to meet your requirements and provide guidance on configuring distribution equipment for office, retail, healthcare, municipality and other commercial applications. Steiner stocks a large inventory of circuit breakers ready for pickup at one of our convenient locations or for on-time delivery to your facility or job site.

Miniature Curcuit Breakers


Square D QO®, QOB (Bolt-On), QOU (Unit Mount) and HOM miniature circuit breakers provide a wide range of options to meet various requirements.

  • QO miniature circuit breakers can be plug-on or bolt-on for installation in load center and panelboard interiors or mounting bases.
  • QOU miniature circuit breakers have lugs at both ends and can be DIN rail-, flush- or surface-mounted.
  • Both QO and QOU have a factory-preset thermal and magnetic trip element in each pole. Multi-pole circuit breakers have a single handle with a common internal trip that indicates whether the circuit breaker is OFF, ON or TRIPPED with a red Visi-Trip® indicator that becomes visible when the breaker has tripped and interrupted the circuit.
  • Both QO and QOU meet UL 1699 and NEC 210.12 standards and allow reverse connections without restrictive line/load marking.
  • HOM breakers are slightly larger than QO and also offer CAFI, Dual Function options and more.
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Molded Case Circuit Breakers


Square D PowerPact® molded case circuit breakers are certified to global standards for ratings from 15 to 3000A. Delivering a flexible, reliable and high-performance offering that incorporates many common design elements with multiple configurations, operators and standardized accessories for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications. Designed to use less mounting space allowing for simplified installation with smaller footprints and higher density installations for panelboards and switchboards.

  • Provides operation with interrupting performances as high as 125 kA at 240 V and 100 kA at 480 V.
  • Covers panel applications from 240 V through 600 V.
  • Available as standard 80%-rated and 100%-rated devices.
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Call 1-800-STEINER (783-4637) to speak with a Steiner application engineer for more information on Circuit Breakers.