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Electrical Testing with IDEAL Just Got Better
The Test and Measurement line you know, and trust has been improved to enhance your efficiency.

Integrated flashlights light up your workspace and backlighting allow you to see in the dark.

The new universal hanging strap clip and probe holders free up a hand during testing.

The patented TightSight® LCD Display, located on the bottom of the unit, eliminates the need to bend or twist conductors or place your head near the panel to see the main meter display.

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Tightsight® Display

Wide Range of Applications

The patented TightSight display allows users to easily take readings while keeping their heads at a safe distance from the panel. There is no longer a need to twist the meter or risk pulling on an energized conductor.

Probe Holders & Hanging Straps

Probe Holders & Hanging Straps

Probe holders free up a hand during testing. A hanging strap (sold separately) can be attached to the meter so it can be hung from a nail, screw or magnetic surface.



Multimeters that measure current have a Lead Warning and Fuse Blown notifications that prevent the end-user from using the meter with the leads in the wrong ports and notifies them when a fuse is blown.

New Features

New Features

IDEAL redesigned their Circuit Breaker Finder to take the guess work out of circuit identification. Now includes a flashlight, NCVT & GFCI Trip test indicator and more lightweight than older models.



One of the most obvious benefits of choosing the correct meter is safety. In high-current applications, a clamp or fork meter is clearly less risky to use than a multimeter that uses probes, as it is not necessary to break the circuit to take a current measurement. There is always a potential for an arc flash when interrupting a circuit, so using a meter that doesn’t require a circuit interruption is not only ideal, but also much safer. 

Clamp meters can be the easiest to use in situations in which an electrician may have to isolate a single conductor from an array of others. However, fork meters may be even more useful still in tight situations, where the prongs are able to fit around conductors without having to manipulate the clamp. Even though they tend to be bulkier, clamp meters also come in handy when you’d like to hang the meter from the conductor for a hands-free reading. Some manufacturers offer a secondary display on the base of the meter to make those dark junction box readings easier. 

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  • Battery Life 
  • Alert/Tone Technology 
  • Clear Digital Display with backlight 
  • Heavy Duty 
  • Certifications 
  • One-handed Design 

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Meter capability spans four categories. Each category is progressively more capable, but also impacts the cost. Higher protection ratings are necessary for specific types of work environments. Any meter rated at a specific Category can be used in that Category or lower rated environment but cannot be used safely in a higher rated environment. For instance, a CAT III meter may be used in a CAT II environment, but should not be used in a CAT IV environment, even if the voltage to be measured is within its nominal range. Test instruments are rated on their ability to withstand a voltage spike, which is applied through a specified level of resistance. This applied voltage spike increases with each CAT rating

CAT I - Electronic These meters are useful for small electronics work, battery testing, and continuity adjustments in low-current applications.  

CAT II - Residential Useful in single-phase situations up to 120V (or 240V depending on where you live) for small appliance, socket, plug-in, and long branch applications within the home.  

CAT III - Commercial Capable of three-phase distribution, including single phase commercial high-amperage lighting. Includes distribution devices, feeders, industrial plant circuits, and high current appliance circuitry in service areas.  

CAT IV - Industrial The highest rating, which can be used in outdoor applications of utility power, meters, distribution, overhead line, and overcurrent protection modules. 

Electricians will opt for the highest category of protection given the environment they will be working in. Most modern meters are dual rated CAT III 1000 V CAT IV 600 V for example. This can provide good protection in your investment.  Also, the meter must have the appropriate CAT rating AND voltage rating for the intended use.

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