Vision Solutions
Vision Solitions

From low end, cost effective solutions performing simple tasks, to high-speed, high-resolution systems, Steiner has the right solution for your application. We offer technical support from the early development stages of your application through implementation and startup. Steiner also has multiple lines of lenses, lighting, enclosures, and support systems to complement our vision products. Our vision systems can be stand-alone or integrated into your existing, automated production line. Our team of experienced application engineers supports the complete solution for maximum system performance.


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  • Advanced Illumination
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  • Spectrum Illumination

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Lens Solutions

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  • Navitar
  • Pentax
  • Edmund Optics
  • Tamron
  • Midwest Optical Systems

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Mounting Solutions

  • Automated Drive & Design
  • Swivel-Link
  • 80/20
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