eCommerce Capabilities - Better Order Management Through Electronic Channels

Steiner offers multiple options for placing and managing orders through electronic channels, including EDI, Automated PO Processing, Punchout, Website, Mobile App and Integrated Supply & Vending. Each channel offers its own benefits for time savings, cost reductions, improved order efficiencies, greater visibility and on-demand access. We can work with you to setup the best option(s) compatible with your existing business systems and operational requirements.

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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

EDI improves transaction accuracy, time, efficiency and visibility while reducing costs and errors associated with manual order processing. Purchase orders, shipment notices, invoices, rebates and returns are accurately and securely exchanged via standardized data forms through computer-to-computer communications between your company and Steiner. Please consult your Steiner representative to review your requirements and coordinate implementation with our IT team.

  • Cost Savings Expenses for paper, printing, storage, filing, postage and document retrieval are reduced or eliminated.

  • Improved Accuracy Improves data quality by reducing transactions with errors from illegible handwriting, keying errors, and lost faxes and mail.

  • Increased Efficiencies Secure exchange of data helps ensure business-critical information is sent on time and provides real-time visibility into transaction status.


Automated PO Processing

Through our Automated PO Processing solution, your emailed or faxed purchase orders are automatically converted into sales orders with 100% accuracy ready to process for pickup at one of our convenient locations or shipped on-time to your facility or jobsite.

  • Cost Savings Use your existing accounting system. No need for costly IT infrastructure upgrades.

  • Improved Accuracy With standardized forms, your purchase orders are automatically converted with 100% accuracy.

  • Increased Efficiencies Eliminates dual order entry. You no longer need to enter purchase orders into your own accounting system and then re-key the order a second time into Steiner’s online ordering systems.



Punchout through eProcurement

Punchout through eProcurement

Punchout connects your eProcurement system directly with the Steiner online storefront, allowing you to place orders from Steiner’s digital product catalog through your eProcurement system, with visibility into real-time contract pricing and product availability. This technology allows you to leverage your current business systems and internal operating procedures while eliminating the need for double order entry. Please consult your Steiner representative for compatible eProcurement systems.

  • Cost Savings Buyers save time and maintain your accepted purchasing processes with real-time visibility into contract pricing and product availability while working through your eProcurement system.

  • Improved Accuracy Web orders are automatically directed back to your eProcurement system for your review, allowing for modifications and approval before being processed by Steiner.

  • Increased Efficiencies Eliminates double order entry. Automatically generates purchase orders with seamless integration to your backoffice systems.



The Steiner website gives you quick access to thousands of products and offers useful account management tools essential to the daily requirements of Contractors, MROs and OEMs. Designed to help you easily manage and monitor your purchasing and supply needs, the many on-demand features provide an immediate way to get what you need, when you need it.

Account management tools include:

  • Online ordering for scheduled pickup or delivery
  • Order status updates and proof of delivery
  • Invoice management and online bill pay
  • Credit Card management
  • Customer Part Number creation and management
  • Product Group organization and collaboration
  • Guided product selectors
  • Reorder Pad for frequently purchased products
  • Saved Carts for more organized job management
  • Bid submittals and approvals
  • Online return requests
  • User administration and permission management
  • Live Chat with Steiner’s sales team

For step-by-step instructions on how to access and use the many available on-demand tools to get the most out of your Steiner web account review our Web Tips. For personal assistance call the Web Hotline at 847-871-5251.




Mobile App

The Steiner Mobile App gives you the best features of the Steiner website with the ability to manage your account from anywhere, including jobsites, shop floors, factory lines, warehouses, municipality and office facilities.

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With the mobile app you can use on-the-go tools to:

  • Check contract pricing and product availability
  • Place orders for pick up or delivery
  • Check open bids, open orders and order history
  • Retrieve invoice copies and proof of delivery
  • Find products with a bar code scanner
  • View your account balance
  • Search for products using your customer part numbers
  • Create and manage product groups for personalized shopping lists
  • Use the reorder pad for quick reorders of previously purchased products
  • Email documents
  • Store and email photos

Integrated Supply & Vending

Automated vending systems are ideal for items where control and ease of access are required. Point-of-use availability, user accountability, controlled access, 24-hour accessibility, automated re-ordering, and real-time reporting are provided through automated dispensing technology. Inventory is managed through flexible, user-friendly software for dispensing stations and storerooms, reducing manual tracking errors. Please consult your Steiner representative to review your requirements.

  • Cost Savings Item overages and shortages are reduced or eliminated with automated min/max inventory level management and re-ordering.

  • Improved Accuracy Assets are tracked with controlled access and real-time reporting to ensure availability and user accountability.

  • Increased Efficiencies Usage history analysis and forecast reporting offer insights to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs on consumable items.



Get started today to improve your company’s ordering and supply management with all the great benefits eCommerce offers, including time savings, cost reductions, increased order efficiencies, greater visibility and on-demand access.

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