PIP Thorzt One Shot Solution

More than just a hydration solution, Thortz™ is a scientifically proven mix of cutting-edge vitamins, minerals, and amino acids formulated to promote quick hydration and rapid muscle recovery. Download Steiner's Sell Sheet.


Designed with the health and safety of the industrial athlete in mind, THORZT™ Solo Shots provides preventative protection and valuable relief from heat stress and helps to minimize heat-related illnesses and injuries. 

  • Sugar Free
  • Caffeine and gluten free
  • Proprietary electrolyte formula including Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium
  • Each solo shot makes 16.9 fl oz beverage
  • Available flavors: Orange, Blue Lemonade and Tropical
  • Pack Qty: 50 packets per bag
  • Ctn Qty: 10 bags of 50 packets

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THORZT™ Solo Shots offer all the benefits of a hydration drink with unique amino acids to keep your team in peak condition and ready to tackle whatever the day brings.

  • FAST REHYDRATION: Electrolytes prevent and combat dehydration quickly in hot environments.
  • RAPID MUSCLE RECOVERY: Critical branched-chain amino acids help to promote energy production and minimize inflammation and muscle soreness throughout the work day
  • ON-THE-GO PACKAGING: Adding one flavored solo shot to 16 oz of water for ease of hydration.

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