Open Bids

Open Bids

Open Bids lists either bids (quotations) requested by you that have not yet been converted to orders, OR bids created by Steiner on your behalf awaiting your review and acceptance for purchase.

  • View all open bids or filter by specific ship-to locations
  • Search for open bids by Bid#, PO or Job Name
  • Review individual open bid details and status
  • Accept bids created for you by a Steiner representative

Follow the steps below to manage your Open Bids.

1. Access Open Bids

Open Bids 1

After logging into the website, the 'My Account' quick menu can be accessed by hovering over the ‘Person’ icon in the header. Click the ‘Open Bids’ link. 

Alternatively, you can access Open Bids by clicking the ‘Open Bids’ link in the lefthand navigation of the ‘My Account’ page.

2. Review Your Open Bids

Open Bids 2

Open Bids will show a status of either 'In Progress' or 'Accept Bid'.

  • 'In Progress' is view only and can’t be accessed. (Steiner is reviewing your submitted Bid Request.)
  • 'Accept Bid' indicates that Steiner has completed review and the Bid is ready to be Accepted and Purchased by you. 

3. Request a Bid

Open Bids 3

To 'Request a Bid' begin by adding desired items to the Cart.

  • After adding items to your cart, click the 'Cart' icon in the header to review items. 
  • On the Cart page, click the ‘Request a Bid’ link (do not click the 'Checkout' button).
  • On the 'Request a Bid' page, fill in required information and Add Notes pertaining to the Bid Request.
  • Click the ‘Submit Bid Request’ button.

Note: You may also access the 'Request a Bid' page by clicking the 'Quote' link in the site's top navigation bar.

4. Accept a Bid

Open Bids 4

To Accept a Bid for purchase access the 'Open Bids' page.

  • Click the 'Search Open Bids +' button to reveal the search options and filter to desired Bid.
  • Click the ‘Accept Bid’ button next to any Bid to add items with pricing and quantity to the Cart (a popup message will display).

5. Complete Your Purchase

Open Bids 5

To complete the purchase, access the Cart and proceed to Checkout. 

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