Automation Systems and Controls

Each electrical product line has unique features, benefits and specifications designed for commercial and industrial use in the municipality, education, healthcare, utilities, retail, office, warehouse, manufacturing and food & beverage sectors. Understanding the intended application and installation guidelines of wire, cable, conduit, wiring devices, disconnect switches, pushbuttons, enclosures and power distribution equipment including circuit breakers, busbars, grounding, fuses, load centers and panelboards is critical to meeting industry requirements and complying with regulatory codes and standards.

View the education materials below to learn more about the latest innovations in electrical products designed and built by leading manufacturers. For further assistance consult our experienced team of electrical application engineers with the product and technical knowledge to help you get started on spec requirements and job estimating through delivery, project management and training.

Appleton Contender Series

The Appleton™ Contender™ 4/4X Series by Emerson is the ideal control solution for a wide range of outdoor and indoor environments subject to wet and corrosive elements or dust, fibers, and flyings typical of Class II and III locations. Most Class I hazardous locations are rated Division 2, but many facilities still use Division 1 rated controls in these environments. Explosionproof, Division 1 controls do not provide suitable environmental protection for these demanding environments, subjecting them to ingress, moisture, and corrosion that lead to device inoperability and replacement.

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ERIFLEX Innovative Power Connectors

ERIFLEX works to reduce total cost of ownership and improve the integrity of electrical systems by optimizing the design of low-voltage power and grounding connections to create the next generation of power distribution systems that are easier to build, faster to install, and feature improved reliability and safety.

  • Innovative Power Connections
  • Flexible Solutions Create End-to-End Ease
  • Easier than Ever to Adapt
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Hubbell inREACH Cord Reels

Hubbell's redesigned inREACH™ Industrial and Commercial Cord Reels enhance user safety and maximize efficiency by managing cord and power in a safe and organized manner, while also meeting the demands of tough industrial environments.

inREACH™ Industrial and Commercial Cord Reels have a durable, lightweight low profile cast aluminum construction. inREACH™ reels also feature an improved mounting plate that allows customers to upgrade existing installations or use Hubbell's innovative mounting bracket for a quick, easy installation on any surface.

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Hubbel inSIGHT 30A Disconnects

Hubbell’s new 30A Circuit-Lock Disconnect with integral phase indication LEDs redefines the benchmark for safety by providing insight into the enclosure while in use.

Hubbell inSIGHT™ phase indicating disconnect switches are available in non-metallic and stainless steel versions. Replacement covers are available for upgrades to existing installations. With an ever growing focus on safety improvements, Hubbell inSIGHT™ disconnects provide a difference you literally can see.

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Hubbell inSIGHT™ Data Monitoring Devices

Wirelessly monitor and track critical performance indicators such as current, power, voltage, internal device temperature, utility grade metering, and data trends using Hubbell's smart pin and sleeve devices, power cables, and circuit & environmental monitors.

Data collection and analytics in today's markets are increasingly important to ensuring efficiency, uptime, and quality. For any industrial manufacturer or data center owner, the ability to predict costly downtime before it happens is critical to maintaining productivity.

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Hubbell SystemOne Floor Boxes

Steiner FLOOR BOX CENTRAL stocks the largest selection of Hubbell floor boxes in the Midwest, including the Hubbell SystemOne line that delivers increased power, data, and A/V capabilities while saving labor with easy-to-install device plates and pre-wired connections. SystemOne also provides consistent aesthetics through a multitude of shape and color variations to allow engineers, architects, and contractors to select just one product line that will give a uniform look throughout an entire building.

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Hubbell Twist-Lock Edge

To improve installation time by more than 80% on electrical projects, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has designed the new Twist-Lock® Edge Series Receptacle featuring screwless terminations. It’s the market’s fastest-terminating receptacle, letting installers get more done in less time. Instead of using screws at termination points, a strong levered spring within the device continues to apply pressure as strands relax over time, keeping wires tight.

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Littelfuse Food & Beverage Capabilities

Littelfuse products deliver protection, safe control and distribution of electrical power to optimize your food and beverage processing operations. The comprehensive line of industrial fuses, relays, sensors, and controls help minimize electrical safety hazards, limit equipment damage, improve productivity and safeguard personnel. From dairies to wineries and meat processing to bakeries, Littelfuse solutions can help protect your equipment and people.

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Panduit Printing Solutions

Panduit has entered into a strategic partnership with Seiko Epson Corporation to jointly develop printer and labels for the industrial, construction and network infrastructure markets. The results of the partnership are printers with best-in-class print quality, speed, capabilities and label selection. The MP100 & MP300 printers and labels are the first of many products that will be jointly developed through this partnership.

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SolaHD SVL Power Supplies

SVL Series Power Supplies are perfect for high volume, controlled environment applications where essential features are the only requirement. The DIN rail mounting capability provides quicker and easier installation while allowing for design flexibility. Three-phase units in 5, 10, or 20 A are certified for Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations. Power supplies with single-phase input range from 15 to 480 Watts in 5, 12, 24 and 48 Volt combinations. Three-phase input power supplies are available with 24 VDC output from 120 to 960 Watts.

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Turck Hydra M12 Cordsets

Turck's Hydra Series M12 Cordsets have been designed to offer anti-vibration couplings resulting in peerless shock and vibration performance. With the newly designed Torque Sleeve you can finally reduce or eliminate the need for torque tools, providing tactile feedback to the user once tightened. The Hydra M12 Series includes keyway indicators on straights and added hexes to the coupling nut (13mm).

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