Automation Systems and Controls

Each electrical product line has unique features, benefits and specifications designed for commercial and industrial use in the municipality, education, healthcare, utilities, retail, office, warehouse, manufacturing and food & beverage sectors. Understanding the intended application and installation guidelines of wire, cable, conduit, wiring devices, disconnect switches, pushbuttons, enclosures and power distribution equipment including circuit breakers, busbars, grounding, fuses, load centers and panelboards is critical to meeting industry requirements and complying with regulatory codes and standards.

View the education materials below to learn more about the latest innovations in electrical products designed and built by leading manufacturers. For further assistance consult our experienced team of electrical application engineers with the product and technical knowledge to help you get started on spec requirements and job estimating through delivery, project management and training.

Airmaster Fans Spring Savings

As temperatures rise, so do the savings with Airmaster Spring Discounts. Airmaster's Non-Oscillating and Oscillating Air Circulators cool efficiently, keeping energy costs low. With adjustable settings and powerful airflow, these units offer customizable comfort for any space. Invest in reliable cooling solutions that prioritize performance and savings. Don't let the heat slow you down – stay cool and productive with Airmaster Fans.

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American Metal by Wheatland Tube

American Metal is a national grass-roots initiative supporting the domestic steel industry and all the hard workers whose livelihoods depend on it. The initiative originated from Zekelman Industries, the largest independent steel pipe and tube manufacturer in North America and a leader in modular construction innovations. Within weeks of its launch in January 2018, American Metal had inspired steelworkers across the country to get involved.

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Appleton Contender Series

The Appleton™ Contender™ 4/4X Series by Emerson is the ideal control solution for a wide range of outdoor and indoor environments subject to wet and corrosive elements or dust, fibers, and flyings typical of Class II and III locations. Most Class I hazardous locations are rated Division 2, but many facilities still use Division 1 rated controls in these environments. Explosionproof, Division 1 controls do not provide suitable environmental protection for these demanding environments, subjecting them to ingress, moisture, and corrosion that lead to device inoperability and replacement.

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B-Line Strut Channel System

Eaton’s B-Line series strut system, also known as bolted framing, provides design engineers, contractors, and installers with the quality, flexibility, and smart design required to meet the most demanding construction standards. B-Line Strut System comprehensive solutions cover cable management support, pipe and conduit support, HVAC duct support, strut racking systems, ceiling grids, machine guarding, and panel stands. Whether you need electrical strut support, mechanical channel support, or DataComm support, finding the right B-Line series system for any application is easy.

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Cerrowire Jobsite Solutions

Cerrowire offers you access to a range of innovative products designed to revolutionize wire management experiences. Discover game-changing Jobsite Solutions like CerroPack and ReelRover, brought to you by Cerrowire. These solutions are specifically crafted to enhance productivity on the job site. Say goodbye to the challenges of tangled wires, wasted materials, and cumbersome reels that slow down operations. 

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Electri-Flex Liquatite® Food Grade Flexible Conduit

Liquatite® Food Grade electrical conduits provide a flexible, liquidtight protective wiring raceway, ideally suited for Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Bottling Equipment, Healthcare, and Clean Room installations. Electri-Flex offers four varieties of Food Grade flexible electrical conduits ideally suited for Food Processing installations, and these include Types LAFG, LSSFG, NMFG, and now LNMP-Food Grade. Types LAFG, and LSSFG are jacketed metallic varieties, while Type NMFG, and LNMP are nonmetallic varieties of flexible conduit.

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ERIFLEX Innovative Power Connectors

ERIFLEX works to reduce total cost of ownership and improve the integrity of electrical systems by optimizing the design of low-voltage power and grounding connections to create the next generation of power distribution systems that are easier to build, faster to install, and feature improved reliability and safety.

  • Innovative Power Connections
  • Flexible Solutions Create End-to-End Ease
  • Easier than Ever to Adapt
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General Purpose Distribution Transformers

A transformer is an electrical device that converts AC voltage from one level to another through magnetic induction. It can step up or step-down voltages, has no moving parts, and offers reliable, long-lasting operation. In its basic form, it consists of insulated wire coils on a laminated steel core. When voltage is applied to the primary coil, it magnetizes the core, inducing voltage in the secondary coil. The voltage change depends on the coil turns ratio.

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Hubbell EdgeConnect™ Technology

Hubbell’s innovative, patented EdgeConnect technology makes for the fastest terminating devices. Strong levered steel springs eliminate screws and keep wires secure. All industrial and commercial wiring device categories benefit from EdgeConnect technology for increased performance and productivity.

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Hubbell inREACH Cord Reels

Hubbell's redesigned inREACH™ Industrial and Commercial Cord Reels enhance user safety and maximize efficiency by managing cord and power in a safe and organized manner, while also meeting the demands of tough industrial environments.

inREACH™ Industrial and Commercial Cord Reels have a durable, lightweight low profile cast aluminum construction. inREACH™ reels also feature an improved mounting plate that allows customers to upgrade existing installations or use Hubbell's innovative mounting bracket for a quick, easy installation on any surface.

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Hubbel inSIGHT 30A Disconnects

Hubbell’s new 30A Circuit-Lock Disconnect with integral phase indication LEDs redefines the benchmark for safety by providing insight into the enclosure while in use.

Hubbell inSIGHT™ phase indicating disconnect switches are available in non-metallic and stainless steel versions. Replacement covers are available for upgrades to existing installations. With an ever growing focus on safety improvements, Hubbell inSIGHT™ disconnects provide a difference you literally can see.

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Hubbell inSIGHT™ Data Monitoring Devices

Wirelessly monitor and track critical performance indicators such as current, power, voltage, internal device temperature, utility grade metering, and data trends using Hubbell's smart pin and sleeve devices, power cables, and circuit & environmental monitors.

Data collection and analytics in today's markets are increasingly important to ensuring efficiency, uptime, and quality. For any industrial manufacturer or data center owner, the ability to predict costly downtime before it happens is critical to maintaining productivity.

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Hubbell SystemOne Floor Boxes

In today's commercial applications, power delivery necessitates flexibility alongside more intelligent communication solutions. Hubbell's floorbox solutions revolutionize the installation, management, and utilization of power, data, and AV in construction projects. Their floorbox designs streamline installation processes, offering increased capacity for feed-thru, wiring, and devices. Moreover, they facilitate future expansion or alterations without the need to disrupt concrete structures. Round covers designed for recessed applications ensure adjustability post-concrete pour, eliminating the possibility of installing a crooked cover.

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Hubbell Twist-Lock Edge

To improve installation time by more than 80% on electrical projects, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has designed the new Twist-Lock® Edge Series Receptacle featuring screwless terminations. It’s the market’s fastest-terminating receptacle, letting installers get more done in less time. Instead of using screws at termination points, a strong levered spring within the device continues to apply pressure as strands relax over time, keeping wires tight.

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IDEAL In-Sure® Lever Wire Connectors

Insert. Close. Connect. Lever wire connectors provide the perfect solution for joining solid and stranded wires. These versatile connectors have a compact design and take up minimal room in junction boxes and enclosures.

In addition to their compact design, lever wire connectors offer a simple and efficient way to connect wires securely. The Insert. Close. Connect mechanism makes it easy to insert the wires into the connector and close the lever, creating a secure and reliable connection. This user-friendly design eliminates the need for twisting and taping wires together, saving time and reducing the risk of electrical hazards.

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IDEAL Test & Measurement

Introducing IDEAL's latest Test and Measurement products, engineered to enhance your work experience with improved visibility, easier maneuvering, and faster measuring capabilities. With integrated flashlights, your workspace is illuminated, ensuring optimal visibility even in dark environments. Backlighting further enhances visibility, allowing you to read measurements clearly in various lighting conditions.

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Leviton Decora Edge™

Leviton's Decora Edge Single Pole Switch, 3-Way Switch and Tamper-Resistant Outlet provide the classic appearance and superior performance of Decora devices in a new, easier-to-install, safer design. Just push, click and you're done! The devices are designed with innovative installation features such as color-coded lever terminals for faster, efficient wiring; a larger strap with a unique tongue and groove alignment for quicker trim-out on multi-gang installations, and no exposed metal parts for safety. Decora Edge is the ideal solution for all your wiring needs.

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Littelfuse Food & Beverage Capabilities

Littelfuse products deliver protection, safe control and distribution of electrical power to optimize your food and beverage processing operations. The comprehensive line of industrial fuses, relays, sensors, and controls help minimize electrical safety hazards, limit equipment damage, improve productivity and safeguard personnel. From dairies to wineries and meat processing to bakeries, Littelfuse solutions can help protect your equipment and people.

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Littelfuse MROplus™ - Fuse Consolidation Program

The Littelfuse exclusive MROplus™ program helps customers lower costs, increase plant safety, decrease downtime and reduce inventory. In this industrial fuse consolidation program, Littelfuse Technical Support Group analyzes a fuse inventory list and generates detailed reports to ensure the best circuit protection is being used. This decreases the risk of electrical hazards within your facility and saves time and money by optimizing inventory. All you have to do is complete a request form with your current fuse inventory and the MROplus program creates a custom recommendation for you. Best of all…it is absolutely FREE!

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Milwaukee M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Strut Shear

The M18™ FORCELOGIC™ Single Channel Strut Shear offers efficient and precise strut shearing on the jobsite. With Milwaukee® proprietary Shearing Dies, it delivers clean, square cuts without extra filing. Its integrated support plate enables quick, repeatable shears, boosting productivity. The dual die design minimizes injury risks, while its portability and tri-stand chain vice mount enhance versatility. Plus, Milwaukee® ONE-KEY™ Technology allows monitoring of tool usage, maintenance alerts, and security features. 

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Panduit Printing Solutions

Panduit™ PXE Mobile Solutions deliver high quality products that help you do your job smarter, faster and easier. These solutions combine Epson’s world-class printing technology with Panduit’s industry-leading performance and field-tested durability. This full line of Electrical and Network label printers provides the solution that’s best for you, from on-site smaller jobs to on-demand high volume label printing projects. 

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SolaHD SVL & SDN Power Supplies

SolaHD Power Supplies offer a complete line of solutions to safeguard equipment applications in production and automation. The SVL Series provides flexibility with DIN rail mounting and hazardous location certifications. Single and three-phase units cover various power outputs, while the SDN-C series excels in extreme environments with high performance and reliability.

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Turck Hydra M12 Cordsets

Turck's Hydra Series M12 Cordsets have been designed to offer anti-vibration couplings resulting in peerless shock and vibration performance. With the newly designed Torque Sleeve you can finally reduce or eliminate the need for torque tools, providing tactile feedback to the user once tightened. The Hydra M12 Series includes keyway indicators on straights and added hexes to the coupling nut (13mm).

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Weidmüller Automated Rail Assembler

The Klippon® Automated Rail Assembler, in combination with the Weidmüller Configurator (WMC) software, enables the fully automatic assembly of terminal rails. The use of the automated system eliminates the need to pick, allocate and position individual terminals. As a result, time savings of up to 60% can be achieved during the assembly process and even more when considering the unmanned operation of up to 7 hours.

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Weidmüller SNAP IN Technology

The revolutionary SNAP IN technology is a perfect complement to the new Klippon® Connect terminal blocks and meets all requirements while being extremely easy to use: Stripped fine-stranded conductors are simply inserted into the connection point and the connection point snaps shut with a clearly audible click. The conductor is permanently and reliably contacted. To release the connection, press the pusher. It couldn't be faster or easier with the smart SNAP IN technology.

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Wheatland Tube SpeedCouple

SpeedCouple connects conduit in half the time. It allows contractors to easily install conduit and elbows in tight spots. And it cuts material costs by as much as 50%, compared with three-piece couplings. Durably made and factory installed, SpeedCouple is available in steel rigid metal conduit (RMC) and elbows, and intermediate metal conduit (IMC).

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