Sandvik Coromant CoroMill Dura

CoroMill® Dura offers complete inch assortment of solid end mills for multi-material applications and aluminum.

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CoroMill® Dura is a complete range of inch solid carbide end mills that implement the patented WhisperKut technology.  Designed to offer a productive and cost efficient solution, CoroMill® Dura works in a wide range of applications and materials. Inventory levels can be reduced, and greater machine fle​xibility is offered leading to reduced set-up time.​​

The Steiner Metalworking application team can assist you with selecting the right solid end mills for your requirements and provide guidance on process improvements for higher yield rates and cost reductions.
For assistance, call 1-800-323-TOOL (8665).

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WhisperKut Technology​​

​WhisperKut is a patented technology able to significantly break up harmonics, reduce chatter and vibration.​

Body Design​

​Each cutting flute is oriented at a different helix angle with respect to all remaining flutes, allowing good stability and effectiveness in eliminating harmful harmonics.​​​

Head Design​

​Each flute is unequally spaced from the others, reducing the constant harmonics typically produced with conventional end mills.​​



  • Designed for milling in a wide range of materials and applications across all industry sectors
  • Offers excellent stability and reduced chatter
  • Using one end mill for all materials, inventory levels can be reduced, and greater machine flexibility is offered, leading to reduced set-up time
  • Dedicated solution for Aluminum machining
  • Complete inch assortment
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  • Asymmetrical variable Helix design
  • Variable flute spacing
  • High quality substrate
  • Controlled micro edge process

Application area

  • WhisperKut geometry can be applied in many applications and components across multiple industries
  • Suitable in ISO P, K, M, S and H material in the general engineering and automotive industries
  • Applicable for a large variety of operations
  • WhisperKut technology is also available for Aluminum applications in a dedicated assortment

CoroMill® Dura vs Competitor

Industry Segment: General Engineering
Operation  Profiling
Time in cut  73 Min
Workpiece Material   K-Monel (S4.4.Z.AG)
Component  Flange
Competitor Tool WK-II-70500-R030
Vc feet/min 200 220
Fz inch/tooth 0.0042" 0.006"
ap inch 0.39" Ae 0.04"
Competitor Tool WK-II-70500-R030
Tool life, pcs 60 75
Reason for tool change Predetermined No. Components Predetermined Surface Finish

163% Productivity Increase

62% Cost Reduction

WhisperKut Multi-Material Product Range


3-Flute design for heavy profile and slotting operations​​


4-Flute​​​ design suitable for plunging, pocketing and for 15°–4​5° ramping​​​


5-Flute design for roughing and finishing applications


7-Flute design for high feed milling and finishing applications​​​

WhisperKut Aluminum


3-Flute design for aluminum allowing for both heavy profile and slotting applications. Advanced cutter geometry with wiper flats for improved floor ​finish​. Available coated and ​​uncoated​.


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For more info about CoroMill® Dura call 1-800-323-TOOL (8665) to speak with a Steiner metalworking representative.