Banner T30R Radar Sensor

Detecting Where Others Cannot

The Banner T30R series is an industrial radar sensor that uses high frequency radio waves from an internal antenna. It detects high-dielectric targets, such as metal or large amounts of water, and lower-dielectric materials, such as wood, rock, or organic material. The sensor can be configured with software, IO-Link, remote input wires, or push buttons to sense objects up to a specific distance, ignoring objects beyond this distance (background suppression). The sensor can also be taught a reference point to detect the presence or absence of objects (retroreflective).

T30R provides a robust, longer range alternative to ultrasonics, delivering more precision and reliability than traditional 24 GHz radar with easy set up and simple integration.

The Steiner Automation & Controls team can help you review and select the right T30R Radar Sensor based on your application requirements.

BANNER T30R Series Features

  • Compact, rugged IP67 housing for dependable, long-term operation in harsh environments
  • Unaffected by rain, wind, snow, fog, steam, sunlight, and an operating temperature of -40 to 65° C
  • Detects a wider range of targets than traditional 24 GHz radar including reliable detection of high-dielectric materials like metal as well as lower-dielectric materials like wood, rock, or organic material
  • Dual discrete outputs for slow / stop positions or analog and IO-Link for absolute measurement values
  • Radar Configuration Software, IO-Link, remote teach, and push buttons for flexible set-up
  • Pulse Pro output for direct integration with Banner lights, giving direct process feedback that only requires power; no controller needed
  • Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) for detection of stationary and moving targets
  • Crosstalk immunity, allowing for multiple sensors to be mounted in close proximity
  • Up to 15 m range to detect targets from farther away while maintaining detection as close as 150 mm
  • Available in 15x15 degree and 45x45 degree beam patterns to solve a wide variety of applications
  • The T30R-1515 offers the most precise measurement and ignores objects outside of a region of interest making it ideal for vehicle detection, tank level monitoring and positioning feedback
  • For the most reliable detection, the T30R-4545 should be used on large, strong targets such as vehicles, trains, or airplanes

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Beam Pattern Considerations

Radar Sensors are available in narrow and wide beam patterns. Narrow beam patterns avoid false detection of objects outside of the region of interest and allow for a more precise measurement, while wide beam patterns provide coverage of larger areas and provide more robust detection of irregular surfaces and targets presented at steep angles.


Narrow Beam Considerations

  • Drive-through
  • Gantry crane
  • Overhead Crane
  • Loading Docks


Wide Beam Applications

  • Mobile equipment collision avoidance
  • Vehicle detection: train, car, boats


Ideal for outdoor applications

  • Resistant to rain, snow, fog, steam or sunlight
  • IP67-rated


Temperature Stability

  • Radar (radio waves) not affected by temperature changes like Ultrasonic (sound waves)
  • Consistent measurement: -40 to 60 ºC


Detect near or far

  • Sensing range of 150 mm to 15 m


No Crosstalk

  • No problem mounting multiple sensors close together
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