Safety & Guarding


Workstations can either add to or inhibit a lean manufacturing strategy. If a workstation is built without analysis or preplanning, it risks the probability of unnecessary motion, excessive reaches, uncomfortable configurations for users, and can become a safety hazard. Preplanning or small changes within processes can lead to increased efficiencies and cost savings. Research has found up to a 76% improvement in productivity after analysis and redesign of workstations and layouts.

The Steiner Automation 80/20 Design Team provides free design assistance to help you select the right profiles, frames, hydraulics, and accessories from the wide range of 80/20 and Bucher Hydraulics products available from Steiner...offered as individual parts, kitted or fully assembled solutions to meet your specifications.

Case Study: Powertron

Powertron, manufacturer of emergency generator tap boxes, created an ergonomic custom workbench with hydraulic legs using 80/20 T-slot aluminum frames and Dyna-Lift® hydraulics by Bucher. When lowered, the workbench allows for the heavy tap box enclosures to be loaded on top more easily. Once loaded, the workbench can be raised by the hydraulics to a height best ergonomically suited for the individual person completing the tap box assembly. The custom solution improves operational efficiencies and provides a safer work environment.

Workbench Specs

  • Stroke Height: 10"
  • Maximum Weight: 1,500 lbs
  • Number of Cylinders: 6 pcs
  • Frame: 80/20 T-slot Aluminum
  • System Type: Dyna-Lift® Hydraulic Systems

For design assistance on custom workstations using 80/20 and Dyna-Lift® hydraulic systems or to schedule a private live demonstration at our facilities call 1-800-STEINER (783-4637) to speak with a Steiner Automation application engineer.

Case Study Powertron
Powertron ergonomic custom workbench with hydraulic legs uses 80/20 T-slot aluminum frames and Dyna-Lift® hydraulic systems.


With 80/20 plus Bucher Hydraulics you’ll have access to a wide range of products for the best workstation to accommodate your specific application. Integrate bins for storage and organization or add pivot joints to mount adjustable computer monitors! Create a workstation that can easily mount motorized lifts to support ergonomic initiatives. The T-slot allows you to create a pressure manifold, so a single hose can pressurize an entire frame.

Designed for scalability, the T-slot aluminum system provides durability and strength, flexibility to make adjustments, and modularity for reconfiguration or expansion.

Solution Possibilities

  • Manifolds Allow Pressurized Frames
  • Locking Levers for Height Adjustments
  • T-slot Creates Reconfigurable Work Spaces
  • Storage Bins Enhance Organization
  • Locking Casters are Oil-Resistant
  • Pivot Joints for Adjustable Monitors
  • Center Cavity Allows Pressurization
  • Manual or Electric Operated Hydraulic Lifts

Make it Mobile


The capacity to add mobility to your workstation supports your complete material handling process flow. Take your station with you – move it through your facility and lock it into place, or wheel it to and from conveyor lines, when and where it’s needed. Choose from casters that optimize your operations.

Get it Grounded


Since aluminum acts as a conductor, workstations built with 80/20 profiles can be grounded to channel an electrical current. This is important for electronics assembly, repairs, production, and testing where static electricity will have a negative impact. Use aluminum profiles and the 80/20 ESD panel to ground the charge and dissipate static.


Conduit Center


Dyna-Lift® systems provide ergonomic solutions for workstation adjustability. When employees adjust their workstation with a Dyna-Lift®, it allows them to move throughout the day, from sitting to standing, which eliminates fatigue, pain, and potential injuries.

Ergonomic, height-adjustable workstations provide the best posture solutions for multiple employees using the same workstation. Individual shift workers and new employees can use the same workstation and adjust it quickly to meet their specific height requirements and comfort.

  • Perfect OEM & Custom Machine Builder Application
  • Choose from 1 to 8 Cylinders
  • Manual or Electric Operation
  • Custom Systems Available

Find the Right Height for Your Application Requirements

  • Provide a Long Lasting Solution
  • Improve Workers’ Productivity & Comfort
  • Avoid Work Related Injuries
  • Operate Smoothly and Quietly
  • Comply with ADA and OSHA Guidelines
  • Install Quickly
  • Ship Fully Charged


  • Work Tables
  • Office Furniture
  • Hospital Beds
  • Medical Lab Equipment
  • Assembly Line Fixtures
  • Rehabilitation Tables
  • Casket Lifts
  • Test Stands
  • Therapy/Massage Table Lifts
  • Custom Machine Builds

Technical Information

  • System Capacity:
    • 250 lb (113 kg) per cylinder Standard
    • 1,000 lb (454 kg) max. capacity Standard
    • 375 lb (170 kg) per cylinder Heavy-Duty
    • 1,500 lb (680 kg) max. capacity Heavy-Duty
  • Cylinder Stroke Lengths from 6” to 20”
  • Highly Refined White Hydraulic Fluid


For more info about 80/20 and Dyna-Lift® Hydraulics call 1-800-STEINER (783-4637) to speak with a Steiner Automation application engineer.