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Turck's Hydra Series M12 Cordsets have been designed to offer anti-vibration couplings resulting in peerless shock and vibration performance. With the newly designed Torque Sleeve you can finally reduce or eliminate the need for torque tools, providing tactile feedback to the user once tightened. The Hydra M12 Series includes keyway indicators on straights and added hexes to the coupling nut (13mm). 

Steiner application specialists can provide guidance on selecting the right cordsets based on your specifications and requirements.

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M12 Cordset Part Number Guide

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Example Part Number Crosses

Old PN New PN, no Torque Sleeve New PN, with Torque Sleeve
RK 4.4T-* EKRB-A4.400-GC2K-* EKRT-A4.400-GC2K-*
RK 4T-* EKRB-A4.300-GC2K-* EKRT-A4.300-GC2K-*
RKC 4.5T-*/S1587 EKRB-A5.500-WE8K-* EKRT-A5.500-WE8K-*
RS 4.5-*/S90 ESRB-A5.500-GU2K-* ESRT-A5.500-GU2K-*
WK 4.4T-* EKWB-A4.400-GC2k-* EKWT-A4.400-GC2K-*
WKC 4.4T-* EKWB-A4.400-GC8K-* EKWT-A4.400-GC8K-*

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