IDEAL In-Sure LEVER Wire Connectors

IDEAL In-Sure® Lever Wire Connectors

Insert. Close. Connect. Lever wire connectors provide the perfect solution for joining solid and stranded wires. These versatile connectors have a compact design and take up minimal room in junction boxes and enclosures.  In addition to their compact design, lever wire connectors offer a simple and efficient way to connect wires securely. The Insert.  Close. Connect mechanism makes it easy to insert the wires into the connector and close the lever, creating a secure and reliable connection. This user-friendly design eliminates the need for twisting and taping wires together, saving time and reducing the risk of electrical hazards.

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Features & Benefits

  • Releasable connector for solid & stranded wires
  • Wire Range: 24 - 12 AWG
  • Modern alternative to traditional connectors
  • Safe, reliable and re-useable
  • Two-stage lock for a secure connection
  • Clear housing allows verification of connection
  • Continuity check port and strip length guide
  • Compact design for tight spaces
  • For use with Cu/Cu combinations only
  • Solid wires can be inserted without opening lever
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IDEAL In-Sure Lever Wire Connectors




Ordering Information

Model Quantity Part No.
L22 (2 Port) Box of 150 30-10L22
L22 (2 Port) Jar of 500 30-50L22J
L22 (2 Port) Box of 4,000 30-16L22
L23 (3 Port) Box of 100 30-10L23
L23 (3 Port) Jar of 350 30-35L23J
L23 (3 Port) Box of 2,500 30-16L23
L25 (5 Port) Box of 75 30-10L25
L25 (5 Port) Jar of 200 30-20L25J
L25 (5 Port) Box of 1,500 30-16L25

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