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Each metalworking product line has unique features, benefits and specifications designed for use in manufacturing. Understanding the intended application, usage guidelines and maintenance schedule of cutting tools, abrasives, band saw blades, cutting fluids and machine tools is critical to meeting manufacturing requirements, complying with safety standards and optimizing operational efficiencies.

View the education materials below to learn more about the latest innovations in metalworking solutions and industrial tools designed and fabricated by leading manufacturers. For further assistance consult our experienced team of metalworking application engineers with the product and technical knowledge to help you get started on spec requirements and testing through machine troubleshooting, process improvements, training and tool life-cycle management.

Lenox Facility Site Survey

The LENOX Site Survey thoroughly documents all aspects of your sawing operation. The detailed study extends well beyond blade usage, analyzing processes that may diminish efficiencies or add cost.

A clear written report with recommendations covering products, processes, and personnel will be delivered. Projected cost savings are identified based on agreed metrics that can be measured and monitored.

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PIP Metalworking Personal Safety Equipment

There are numerous hazards present in metalworking environments, from flying chips and metal shavings to sharp edges and caustic chemicals.  Protect against injuries and be prepared with personal safety equipment from PIP, designed to withstand the harsh elements of metalworking operations.

  • Hand Protection
  • Face Protection
  • Eye Protection
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Sandvik CoroMill 390

CoroMill 390 is your “go to” versatile tool that can mill a wide variety of component features from diverse materials, and utilizing an extensive selection of inserts can produce clean corner radii and remove material from various cutting depths. CoroMill 390 can mill almost any shape required.

  • Wide Range of Products
  • Light-Cutting Geometries
  • Optimized Cutter Bodies
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Sandvik CoroTurn 300

When you need that little extra in terms of quality and machining effectiveness in your metal cutting operations – look no further than CoroTurn 300. Featuring high-precision coolant and stable insert clamping solutions, these systems combine chip control and accuracy for long tool life and high surface quality.

  • Eight-Edge Inserts
  • Chip Control and Long, Predictable Tool Life
  • High-Quality Surfaces
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Sandvik CoroTurn Prime and PrimeTurning

Introducing a revolution in turning with a new product that is more than a tool, it is a complete new way of turning. PrimeTurning™ is the industry’s first “all-directional turning” solution that offers improved machining flexibility, and productivity gains over conventional turning. This revolutionary concept is comprised of a new turning method, dedicated CoroTurn® Prime tools, and a code generator.

  • Small Entering Angles
  • Efficient Edge Utilization
  • No Chip Jamming
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Sandvik GC2220 Turning Grade Inserts

Offering excellent plastic deformation resistance, GC2220 is a dedicated turning grade optimized for stainless steel machining in stable conditions. The Inveio™ coating provides GC2220 with an increased level of wear resistance and tool life to combat challenges such as high cutting forces and high temperatures.

  • Continuous to light interruptions
  • Average to high cutting speeds
  • Austenitic and duplex stainless steel
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