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Each metalworking product line has unique features, benefits and specifications designed for use in manufacturing. Understanding the intended application, usage guidelines and maintenance schedule of cutting tools, abrasives, band saw blades, cutting fluids and machine tools is critical to meeting manufacturing requirements, complying with safety standards and optimizing operational efficiencies.

View the education materials below to learn more about the latest innovations in metalworking solutions and industrial tools designed and fabricated by leading manufacturers. For further assistance consult our experienced team of metalworking application engineers with the product and technical knowledge to help you get started on spec requirements and testing through machine troubleshooting, process improvements, training and tool life-cycle management.

Lenox Site Survey

Discover untapped potential and outpace the competition with a holistic site review. The knowledgeable LENOX and Steiner teams work with your enterprise to align goals and define process improvements for operational success on every level.

How It Works
  1. An evaluation of shop floor and team member processes
  2. A thorough understanding of management's production goals
  3. A comprehensive report on recommended strategies
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PIP Safety Equipment

There are numerous hazards present in metalworking environments, from flying chips and metal shavings to sharp edges and caustic chemicals.  Protect against injuries and be prepared with personal safety equipment from PIP, designed to withstand the harsh elements of metalworking operations.

  • Hand Protection
  • Face Protection
  • Eye Protection
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Royal Filtermist Collectors

Royal Products and Steiner Electric present exclusive limited-time promotions for you. Purchase a new Royal Filtermist unit and get a FREE standard after filter and drum pads—up to $430 in value per unit. This limited-time offer covers your first-year maintenance. Additionally, experience risk-free performance with our 45-day Risk-Free Performance Guarantee. If unsatisfied, simply return the unit, and we'll issue a full credit.

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Sandvik CoroDrill 460

Versatile high-performance solid carbide drill that can be used across a wide range of materials. With one drill for all materials, stock holding can be reduced and greater machine flexibility is offered leading to reduced set-up time.

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Sandvik CoroDrill DS20

After years of R&D and customer testing, the first indexable drill that can reach up to 7xDC - with no need for pilot drilling - is here, reducing your cycle time and cost per hole.

Innovative drill body and insert designs have resulted in a drilling concept with never-before-seen rigidity, evacuation performance and light cutting action. CoroDrill® DS20 offers superior reliability and predictability with outstanding penetration rates for your 4–7 × DC drilling operations.

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Sandvik CoroMill 390

CoroMill 390 is your “go to” versatile tool that can mill a wide variety of component features from diverse materials, and utilizing an extensive selection of inserts can produce clean corner radii and remove material from various cutting depths. CoroMill 390 can mill almost any shape required.

  • Wide Range of Products
  • Light-Cutting Geometries
  • Optimized Cutter Bodies
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Sandvik CoroMill Dura

CoroMill® Dura is a complete range of inch solid carbide end mills that implement the patented WhisperKut technology.  Designed to offer a productive and cost efficient solution, CoroMill® Dura works in a wide range of applications and materials. Inventory levels can be reduced, and greater machine fle​xibility is offered leading to reduced set-up time.​​

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Sandvik CoroMill MH20

Time to level up your high-feed milling operations with best-in-class CoroMill MH20. This is a versatile tool with a large application area, but primarily designed for pocketing applications in ISO S, M and P materials.

Thanks to its light-cutting action, in combination with a robust shank design, CoroMill MH20ensures secure and vibration-free machining, even with long overlaps. 

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Sandvik CoroMill Plura HD

An undisputable game-changer, CoroMill® Plura HD brings the highest performing tool life to the market in steel and stainless steel (ISO P and ISO M) with the new Zertivo™ 2.0 coating technology. With its optimized flute shape for effective chip evacuation and internal coolant for stainless steel, CoroMill® Plura HD ensures world-class productivity with exceptional metal removal rates and high process security. CoroMill® Plura HD is a first choice for heavy-duty applications in ISO P and ISO M materials of up to 2×D roughing in steel and stainless steel.

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Sandvik CoroTap 200

CoroTap® 200 features spiral point taps for through holes designed to push the chips forward. The range includes versatile taps for various materials and optimized taps for specific materials and applications. Tailor Made and Advanced Engineered tools are available from the Customized solutions range.

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Sandvik CoroTurn 300

When you need that little extra in terms of quality and machining effectiveness in your metal cutting operations – look no further than CoroTurn 300. Featuring high-precision coolant and stable insert clamping solutions, these systems combine chip control and accuracy for long tool life and high surface quality.

  • Eight-Edge Inserts
  • Chip Control and Long, Predictable Tool Life
  • High-Quality Surfaces
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Sandvik CoroTurn Prime

Introducing a revolution in turning with a new product that is more than a tool, it is a complete new way of turning. PrimeTurning™ is the industry’s first “all-directional turning” solution that offers improved machining flexibility, and productivity gains over conventional turning. This revolutionary concept is comprised of a new turning method, dedicated CoroTurn® Prime tools, and a code generator.

  • Small Entering Angles
  • Efficient Edge Utilization
  • No Chip Jamming
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Sandvik GC2220 Stainless Steel

Offering excellent plastic deformation resistance, GC2220 is a dedicated turning grade optimized for stainless steel machining in stable conditions. The Inveio™ coating provides GC2220 with an increased level of wear resistance and tool life to combat challenges such as high cutting forces and high temperatures.

  • Continuous to light interruptions
  • Average to high cutting speeds
  • Austenitic and duplex stainless steel
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Sandvik GC4425 And GC4415

The new-generation steel turning insert grades GC4425 (P25) and GC4415 (P15) deliver improved performance in every way. Coated with second-generation Inveio® technology, they have a broad range of applications and are recommended for continuous and interrupted cuts.

First-choice grade GC4425 (P25) features improved wear resistance, heat resistance and toughness, significantly expanding the application range. Grade GC4415 (P15) complements GC4425 (P25) when more heat resistance is needed. It allows for high cutting speeds and long times in cut when machining in stable conditions.

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