Sandvik Coromant CoroMill MH20

Time to level up your high-feed milling operations with best-in-class CoroMill MH20. This is a versatile tool with a large application area, but primarily designed for pocketing applications in ISO S, M and P materials.

Thanks to its light-cutting action, in combination with a robust shank design, CoroMill MH20 ensures secure and vibration-free machining, even with long overlaps. 

The Steiner Metalworking application team can assist you with selecting the right solid end mills for your requirements and provide guidance on process improvements for higher yield rates and cost reductions.

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Robust Cutter Body

Robust Cutter Body Image

The cutter body material offers higher fatigue and deformation resistance, ensuring a longer cutter tool life. Thanks to its light-cutting action, in combination with a robust shank design, CoroMill® MH20 ensures secure and vibration-free machining, even with long overhangs.

Open Insert Pocket

Open Insert Pocket Image

The open pocket design helps to improve chip evacuation and reduces re-cutting of chips. The design is optimized for chips generated by a high feed tool and minimizes smearing of chips, especially in ISO S applications.

Curved Insert Design

Curved Insert Design Image

The single-sided two-edged positive insert has a strong curved edge with a reinforced corner radius, ensuring secure and reliable machining against shoulders and corners in pocketing.


Application Area


  • ​​High-feed concept suitable for many milling operations, helps to reduce the number of tools and therefore the cycle time.​
  • Internal coolant for optimal chip evacuation and high productivity in ISO S applications.
  • Optimized edge-line security for reliable corner machining and pocket milling enables unsupervised machining.
  • A sloped insert edge for gradual cutting engagement into the workpiece ensures a gradual chip load on the cutting zone and improves chip formation.
  • Creates a better surface finish with smaller cusps leaving less stock for the next operation.
  • Optimized geometries for high performance in ISO S, M and P materials.
  • Easy to handle

Sustainability with CoroMill​​® MH20

Ne​​w cutter body material to increase the strength, and inserts with high edge-line security, ensuring a longer tool life and reliable machining with less scrap. In addition, with less vibration and a more reliable concept design, the risk of tool breakage is reduced, making the operator’s and workplace environment safer.

Offering a better surface finish, the need for a semi-finishing tool is greatly reduced. This also means fewer tools in use, fewer stoppages and a quicker machining process with less inventory.

Not least, this light-cutting concept uses less machine power, resulting in reduced energy consumption and a lower noise level.


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