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80/20 MRO Solutions

80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles, panels and parts allow you to increase efficiencies and provide flexible, adjustable solutions for your maintenance and repair tasks. The Steiner Automation 80/20 Design Team provides free design assistance to help you select the right profiles, frames, and accessories from the wide range of 80/20 products available exclusively from Steiner...offered as individual parts, kitted or fully assembled solutions to meet your specifications.

The maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) industry is challenged with implementing resourceful and innovative processes and equipment to improve the productivity and efficiency of facilities and operations. At the same time, the constantly changing environment of commerce and manufacturing means you need to be able to adapt and respond quickly.

80/20 T-slot aluminum systems are modular, enabling quick and easy adjustments, preventative maintenance, and repairs to your equipment. This also speeds up changeover times and reduces downtime. In instances where you need to retrofit machines due to regulation or process changes, that’s not a problem; 80/20 can be integrated into your current equipment.

One-Stop Shop = Increased Efficiencies

Working on various projects and orders commonly increases duplicate tasks and creates wasted time and resources. With 80/20, you have access to a wide range of T-slot profiles and parts as well as a full range of services that complement product offerings and simplify your processes.

Testing, maintenance, and repairs are integral to the efficiency of any business and require a customized approach for your people and your machines. 80/20 products provide exactly that; from repair benches to maintenance carts or testing equipment frames, you decide exactly what you need to fit your resources.

The Possibilities With 80/20

  • Generator Frames
  • Guarding
  • Maintenance Carts
  • Safety Rails
  • Repair Benches
  • Testing Equipment Frames
  • And More

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