Sandvik Coromant CoroTap 200

CoroTap® 200 features spiral point taps for through holes designed to push the chips forward. The range includes versatile taps for various materials and optimized taps for specific materials and applications. Tailor Made and Advanced Engineered tools are available from the Customized solutions range.

The Steiner Metalworking application team can assist you with selecting the right taps for your requirements and provide guidance on process improvements for higher yield rates and cost reductions.

For assistance, call 1-800-323-TOOL (8665).

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Long Tool Life Reduces Costs

Long Tool Life Reduces Costs Image

CoroTap™ 200 is made of HSS-E, HSS-PM and HSS-E-PM for superior wear resistance and tool life. This results in fewer machine stoppages and reduced cost-per-hole.

Superior Process Security

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Optimized geometries allow for reliable, predictable tool life in through hole applications.

Excellent Thread Quality

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Optimized grades ensure low friction at high speeds for precision threads, resulting in excellent thread quality.

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  • Only for through holes.
  • Available in many thread forms and standards.
  • Up to 3 × D depending on materials.

Benefits and Features

  • Chamfer B (3.5–5 threads) for high process security.
  • Edge treatment for reduced axial force and torque makes the tool run more smoothly, reduces risk of cutting-edge chipping, and improves surface quality, tool life, and chip formation.
  • High speed powder steel taps for improved strength, wear resistance, and tool life.
  • Different coatings and grades are available.
  • Taps with spiral point grinding.
  • Pushes the chips forward.
  • Used for through holes.

ISO Application Area

  • SX-B


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