Hubbell inREACH Cord Reels

inREACH™ Industrial and Commercial Cord Reels

Hubbell's redesigned inREACH™ Industrial and Commercial Cord Reels enhance user safety and maximize efficiency by managing cord and power in a safe and organized manner, while also meeting the demands of tough industrial environments.

inREACH™ Industrial and Commercial Cord Reels have a durable, lightweight low profile cast aluminum construction. inREACH™ reels also feature an improved mounting plate that allows customers to upgrade existing installations or use Hubbell's innovative mounting bracket for a quick, easy installation on any surface.

The Steiner application team can help you select the right inREACH™ Cord Reels and accessories based on your specifications and environment requirements for industrial, commercial, or institutional use.

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inREACH™ Cord Reel Features

  • Durable, corrosion resistant cast aluminum construction
  • Indoor or outdoor rated reels
  • Stainless steel cord reel available for harsh environments
  • Black, yellow, or white color options
  • Movable guide arm can be mounted in two positions
  • Positive latch mechanism automatically maintains desired cord length
  • Ratchet lock can be disengaged in field for constant tension applications
  • Available in 25ft, 35ft and 45ft lengths
  • Ideal for schools, hospitals, and industrial facilities

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inREACH Commercial Heavy Duty Cord Reel
Hubbel 30A Non-Metallic
Heavy Duty Commercial Grade
125 VAC, SJTW Type Cable
Black Reel with Triple Tap Outlet
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inREACH Industrial Cord Reels
Hubbel 30A Non-Metallic
UL Type 1
250 VAC, SJO Type Cable
White Industrial Reel without End Effectors
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inREACH™ Mounting Brackets

Labor Savings are inREACH™!

The inREACH™ mounting bracket allows you to decrease or eliminate the additional labor associated with installing reels at the end of the job. By starting the installation during the earlier stages of the project when there are fewer time constraints, the inREACH™ mounting bracket reduces trim-out to a fraction of the time.

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Step 1
Hubbel 30A Non-Metallic

Secure the inREACH™ mounting bracket during the rough-in process.

Step 2
Hubbel 30A Non-Metallic

Remove two of the hex bolts from the bracket. Slide the reel into the mounting bracket.

Step 3
Hubbel 30A Non-Metallic

Replace two hex bolts and secure screws to complete the job.


For more info about Hubbell inREACH™ Industrial Cord Reels call 1-800-STEINER (783-4637) to speak with a Steiner specialist.