Littlefuse MROplus Fuse Consolidation Program

Littelfuse MROplus™ - Fuse Consolidation Program

The Littelfuse exclusive MROplus™ program helps customers lower costs, increase plant safety, decrease downtime and reduce inventory. In this industrial fuse consolidation program, Littelfuse Technical Support Group analyzes a fuse inventory list and generates detailed reports to ensure the best circuit protection is being used. This decreases the risk of electrical hazards within your facility and saves time and money by optimizing inventory. All you have to do is complete a request form with your current fuse inventory and the MROplus program creates a custom recommendation for you. Best of all…it is absolutely FREE!

The 'MRO' in MROplus™ stands for Material Reduction Opportunity. Duplicate or obsolete products and materials can be eliminated so only the products necessary for operations are maintained. MROplus™ now provides customers the option to cross reference to multiple types of fuses including Always Indicating, Never Indicating or Direct Cross. This reduces SKUs, gets rid of waste and ensures the best protection available.

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MROplus™ Includes:

  • A streamlined current-limiting fuse inventory recommendation that can lower electrical hazards
  • A guide to further reducing electrical hazards within your facility
  • An annual cost savings estimate based on inventory reduction
  • A detailed cross-reference guide

MROplus™ Benefits:

  • Obtain superior protection to safeguard personnel and equipment
  • Eliminate obsolete non-current-limiting fuses to increase safety
  • Organize fuse inventory to minimize confusion and save time
  • Reduce inventory and costs

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What Can MROplus™ Do for You?

Lower Costs
MROplus helps you upgrade circuit protection, increase safety, reduce fuse inventory, decrease downtime, and improve productivity. These improvements amount to money saved towards your bottom line.
Improve Safety
Identify inadequate fuses and upgrade them to current-limiting circuit protection to reduce Hazard Risk Categories (HRC) in any type of facility. In accordance to NFPA 70E, after reducing HRC, workers are permitted to wear less Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) allowing repairs to be made quickly which minimizes time spent in live panels.
Decrease Downtime
Improve productivity with MROplus by converting to indicating fuses and consolidating inventory. Indication takes the guesswork out of fuse replacement with fast, visible identification, resulting in time and money saved.
Reduce Inventory
Eliminate duplicate or obsolete products and maintain only the fuses necessary for operation. This reduces SKUs, gets rid of waste and ensures the best protection available.
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