American Metal by Wheatland Tube

American Metal by Wheatland Tube

American Metal is a national grass-roots initiative supporting the domestic steel industry and all the hard workers whose livelihoods depend on it. The initiative originated from Zekelman Industries, the largest independent steel pipe and tube manufacturer in North America and a leader in modular construction innovations. Within weeks of its launch in January 2018, American Metal had inspired steelworkers across the country to get involved.

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Steel | The Stuff American Dreams are Made Of

Your goals might not directly involve steel, but you probably couldn’t reach them without it. Steel lifts us up, supports us, holds us together and carries us forward. That’s why Zekelman Industries launched the American Metal grass-roots initiative supporting our steel industry.

How Steel is Used

  • 1,000x stronger than iron
  • 2.5x denser than aluminum
  • 100% recyclable without losing strength
  • 3,500+ grades of steel
  • 3x longer life for roofs made of steel vs. traditional materials
  • 75% of major appliances are made of steel
  • 25% of a computer is steel
  • 1,500+ food items come in steel cans
  • 1.5x more steel will be used by 2050
  • 51% of steel is used in buildings and infrastructure
The History of Steel in America

Steel has long played an important role in American history, helping strengthen our country’s economy over the years. In 2018 the U.S. administration placed a 25% tariff on steel imports. Since then, American steel production has grown, imports have declined, and steel companies have invested millions in new mills and hiring sprees. The future continues to look bright for domestic steel.

  • 1850s — Early experimentation with low-cost mass steel production
  • 1884 Steel first used to build skyscrapers (in Chicago)
  • 1901 — U.S. Steel Corporation was founded
  • 1973 — Domestic production of iron and steel peaked
  • 1990s — American steel companies dropped off the Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • 2018 — Tariff on steel imports took effect, boosting domestic production again

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