Hoffman Thermal Audit

nVent Hoffman Thermal Audit

Elevated summer temperatures in the upper midwest can cause electrical components to experience increased stress leading to equipment failures and reduced life cycles. As a rule of thumb, an electronic's life is cut in half for every 18°F (10°C) over room temperature. Get trusted expert advice on how to maximize the life cycles of your electronic devices and keep your business running by adequately controlling the temperature of your electrical components when you REQUEST A COMPLIMENTARY NVENT HOFFMAN THERMAL AUDIT FROM STEINER.

A thermal audit quickly identifies problem areas and offers compelling evidence of excess heat that can affect performance and potentially damage your critical equipment. A report with recommended optimal thermal management solutions will be delivered to help you minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs. Virtual audits are also available to help keep your equipment and you safe. Download Sell Sheet.

Featured Air Conditioners

nVent HOFFMAN SpectraCool | Standard Indoor/Outdoor Series

SpectraCool Standard Series Air Conditioners are designed for robust cooling performance in demanding indoor and harsh outdoor environments. Rotary compressors provide more energy efficiency than reciprocating compressors, and allow quick re-start under pressure without causing damage. Dual impellers on G52 and G57 units pull air into the front of the unit and direct the air upwards in a 90-degree angle for the most direct air path while providing redundancy.

Standard sized units offering the most cooling capacity with greater efficiency
  • 4,000 to 20,000 BTUs/Hr of cooling
  • Lightweight design; 30 lb. (14 kg)
  • Indoor and outdoor models
  • Dust-and corrosion-resistant components for trouble-free operation in the most demanding environments


G28 Indoor/Outdoor

4,000 and 6,000 BTUs/Hr
1,172 and 1,758 Watts

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G52 Indoor/Outdoor

8,000 and 12,000 BTUs/Hr
2,300 and 3,500 Watts

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G57 Indoor/Outdoor

20,000 BTUs/Hr
5,900 Watts

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nVent HOFFMAN SpectraCool | Narrow Indoor/Outdoor Series

Engineered with the same features of the Standard Series, SpectraCool Narrow Air Conditioners provide a space-saving cooling solution to fit shallow-depth enclosures. Low-profile Narrow models are designed to fit on 12-in. (300 mm) deep floor- and wall-mount enclosures, facilitating essential cooling for critical electronics in a wider range of indoor and outdoor enclosure, and cabinet applications.

The low-profile air conditioner that offers high levels of cooling performance
  • Higher capacity with a smaller footprint: 11.5-in. (291 mm) width
  • 28, 36 and 43-in. units provide 4,000 to 11,000 BTUs/Hr of cooling
  • Centrally mounted thermostat avoids interference with back panels
  • Beveled design works with wall-mount enclosures for maximum efficiency in applications with limited airflow


N28 Indoor/Outdoor

4,000 BTUs/Hr
1,172 Watts

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N36 Indoor/Outdoor

6,000 and 8,000 BTUs/Hr
1,758 and 2,344 Watts

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Sandvik CoroTurn

N43 Indoor/Outdoor

11,000 BTUs/Hr
3,223 Watts

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nVent HOFFMAN SpectraCool | Compact Indoor Series

Designed to fit smaller enclosures for Type 12 indoor cooling applications, SpectraCool Compact Series Air Conditioners offer vital cooling in a reduced footprint. SpectraCool Compact models also feature a built-in active condensate evaporator and a power-off relay for a door switch to prevent condensation from dripping on the floor and in the enclosure.

A compact cooling solution for isolated cooling demands
  • 1,000 to 2,000 BTUs/Hr of cooling
  • 17-in. tall x 12-in. wide footprint fits shallow-depth enclosures
  • Available in 115, 230 and 460 1-phase VAC power inputs
  • Terminal block power connection for easy installation


N17 Compact Indoor

1,000 and 2,000 BTUs/Hr
293 and 585 Watts
Additional height options for 460 VAC units

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For more info about nVent HOFFMAN Thermal Audit call 1-800-STEINER (783-4637) to speak with a Steiner representative. You may also submit the form below to request a complimentary thermal audit.

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