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Our Steiner team brings decades of experience in power quality products, including UPS systems and power management solutions, offering tailored assistance to meet your specific needs effectively.

Your power infrastructure, comprising generators, automatic transfer switches, UPS systems, surge protection, and power monitoring systems, must promptly respond to deviations from specifications. Whether for emergency systems, sensitive controls, IT networks, or other applications, we ensure successful project outcomes. Download Sell Sheet.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS

Steiner offers a wide range of single and three-phase UPS systems designed for continuous availability applications. These systems, ranging from 10 kVA to 4000 kVA in single, multi-module, and redundant configurations, are ultra-reliable and cater to various needs.

  • Off-Line UPS: Passes utility power straight through to the protected load with a 4-8 ms break in power when transferring to battery backup.
  • Line Interactive UPS: Offers power conditioning with a 2-6 ms break in power during battery backup.
  • On-Line (Double Conversion) UPS: Provides continuous, high-quality AC power to equipment with no break during battery backup. It safeguards equipment from a wide range of power disturbances including blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges, or noise interference.

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Automatic Transfer Switches - ATS 

Offering one of the most comprehensive lines in the industry, ASCO® and Russelectric ATS models provide dependable solutions for a wide range of applications. These transfer switches are designed to seamlessly complement any power system, ensuring a constant source of electricity for critical environments such as data centers, communications systems, airports, hospitals, farms, and more.

ASCO® and Russelectric supply UL 1008-listed power switching mechanisms, guaranteeing safe and rapid transfer to an emergency source in under 1/6 second. Our transfer switches range from 30 amps to 4000 amps, available in manual, non-automatic, automatic, and bypass isolation configurations.


Power Monitoring & Control Systems

Powerlogic, by Schneider Electric, offers the world's most advanced range of monitoring software and meters for efficient energy usage and cost management - Key Benefits:

  • Maximize the use of existing energy assets.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • Improve safety and prevent costly downtime.
  • Identify hidden power problems to prolong equipment life.

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Surge Protective Devices - SPD

We offer a variety of Surge Protective Devices from leading technology providers, ideal for safeguarding your system against electrical surges and spikes. Our range includes models suitable for indoor, outdoor, service entrance, and sub-panel applications. These devices are available as external units or fully integrated within the gear or distribution network, ensuring comprehensive protection for your equipment.

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