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Steiner’s Pipe & Wire Pricing Sheet is designed for the contractor customer as a convenient way to access competitive commodity pricing.  We've recently increased the number of products displayed in our Pipe & Wire Pricing sheets, based on customer feedback, to include Elbows, Fittings, Strut, Grounding, Flexible Conduit, CT Cabinets / Metering and more.  

To Access and Subscribe to Steiner’s Pipe & Wire Pricing Sheet Log Into www.steinerelectric.com with your existing login and password.

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Our 12 Pipe & Wire Pricing Sheets are updated weekly for you to stay current with market trends:

  • Conduit EMT, IMC, GRC, Elbows and Couplings
  • PVC, Conduit, Elbows & Fittings
  • Branch Circuit & Feeder Wire
  • Romex, Underground Feeder, Service Entrance Cable
  • Portable Cord
  • Strut, Straps & Hardware
  • Threaded Rod, Beam Clamps & Ground Rods
  • Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit, Greenfield, Fittings & Whips
  • Fittings EMT Rigid No Thread
  • Locknuts & Bushings
  • LB Conduit Bodies, Covers & Gaskets
  • Meter Sockets, CT Cabinets & Service Heads

1. Access the Pipe and Wire Pricing Sheet

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After logging into the website, the 'My Account' quick menu can be accessed by hovering over the ‘Person’ icon in the header. Click the ‘Pipe and Wire Pricing Sheet’ link. 

Alternatively, you can access the Pipe and Wire Pricing Sheets by clicking the ‘Pipe and Wire Pricing Sheet’ link in the lefthand navigation of the ‘My Account’ page.

2. Navigate and Subscribe to the Pipe and Wire Pricing Sheet

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Use the side vertical scroll bar to view all 12 Pipe & Wire Pricing Sheets.

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