Automation Systems and Controls

Each automation and controls product line has unique features, benefits and specifications designed for use in manufacturing. Understanding the intended application, installation guidelines and maintenance schedule of drives, motors, controls, sensors, pneumatics, operator interface and machine safety products is critical to meeting manufacturing requirements, complying with industry regulatory standards and optimizing operational efficiencies.

View the education materials below to learn more about the latest innovations in automation and controls products designed and built by leading manufacturers. For further assistance consult our experienced team of automation application engineers with the product and technical knowledge to help you during start-up through troubleshooting, project managment, training and equipment life-cycle management.

Banner DXMR90 Controller

Banner’s DXMR90 Series Controller consolidates data from multiple connections to provide local data processing as well as accessibility for host systems as a platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The DXMR90 contains individual Modbus Clients allowing for concurrent communication to up to five independent serial networks. Data is collected into the controller to facilitate edge processing, convert protocols to Industrial Ethernet, and send information where you need it.

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Banner LC15T Series In-Line Touch Switch

The LC15T In-Line Touch Switch is a sealed, capacitive touch switch that can be connected in-line with many types of DC devices for on/off and PWM control. With a 4-amp output capacity, it can even control the largest of Banner’s DC lights. Its touch device interface and visual status indication make the LC15T an easy-to-use, operator-centric controller. Applications include: General workstations, Operator-centric lighting control, Standalone actuation device, and On/Off control of DC devices.

The Steiner Automation & Controls team can help you review and select the right touch switch based on your application requirements and compatibility with existing systems.

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Banner Q4X Sensor Series

The Banner Q4X Sensor Series provides versatile, rugged laser distance sensors offering superior performance and capable of detecting sub-millimeter changes in distance.

The Steiner Automation & Controls team can help you review and select the right Q4X Series Sensor based on sensing range, analog or discrete input/output, IO-link, resolution/repeatability, and housing style compatible with your required detection application.

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Banner SC10 Series

The Banner SC10 Series provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use safety controller for smaller machines replacing the functionality of two or more safety relay modules. The compact safety controller and relay hybrid also features an intuitive user interface and advanced diagnostic capabilities.

The Steiner Automation & Controls team can help you review and select the right safety controllers and relays based on your application requirements and compatibility with existing systems.

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Banner SX5 Series Safety Laser Scanners

SX5 Series Safety Laser Scanners protect personnel, equipment, and mobile systems within a user-defined area. They continuously scan a 275° area to create a two-dimensional protected zone that must be crossed to reach the hazard. They are suitable for horizontal, vertical, and mobile applications.

The Steiner Automation & Controls team can help you review and select the right SX5 Series Safety Laser Scanner based on the scanner type, safety zone sets, protective field range, removable memory, and encoder inputs required for your application.

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Banner T30R Radar Sensor

The Banner T30R series is an industrial radar sensor that uses high frequency radio waves from an internal antenna. It detects high-dielectric targets, such as metal or large amounts of water, and lower-dielectric materials, such as wood, rock, or organic material. The sensor can be configured with software, IO-Link, remote input wires, or push buttons to sense objects up to a specific distance, ignoring objects beyond this distance (background suppression). The sensor can also be taught a reference point to detect the presence or absence of objects (retroreflective).

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Banner Wireless Solutions Kit

Banner Wireless Solutions Kits are fully integrated and easy-to-use solutions for monitoring assets and solving specific applications. They are designed to make it easy for users of any experience level to setup a wireless network, collect remote data, and create visualization tools, warnings, and alarms.

The Steiner Automation & Controls team can help you review and select the right Wireless Solutions Kit for Relative Humidity Input, Temperature Input, Vibration Sensor Input, or Tank Level compatible with your existing systems and programmable for your required application.

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Siemens 3VA Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Siemens 3VA molded case circuit breakers offer safe, efficient and variable application options in a smaller footprint for low and medium-voltage power distribution whether in industrial applications, infrastructure or buildings.

  • Broad spectrum of devices offers near limitless possibilities for expanding functions.
  • Compliance with global standards backed by UL 489 and IEC 60947 certification.
  • Compact design provides minimum space requirements.
  • Extensive selection of internal accessories (auxiliary and alarm switches, shunt trips).
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Siemens SIMATIC Controllers

Siemens offers the right controller for a wide range of automation requirements. The SIMATIC range of controllers comprises Basic, Advanced, Distributed and Software Controllers that offer impressive scalability and integration of their functions. Every controller offers integrated system functions such as efficient engineering, high performance, innovative design, reliable diagnostics, Safety Integrated, Technology Integrated, and Security Integrated. This allows great flexibility in the design or adaption of automation solutions, without having to constantly accumulate more knowledge and expertise.

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Siemens SIMATIC MultiFieldbus

Does your I/O system need to be as individual as your requirements?

With SIMATIC ET 200, Siemens offers you a multifunctional, modular, and precisely scalable system for distributed automation for solutions in control cabinets, without control cabinets directly at the machine, as well as for use in hazardous areas. All products can be integrated in the automation system via PROFIBUS or PROFINET.

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Siemens Simatic Real Time Locating Systems

RTLS features include:

  • Employee wearable RTLS transponders allow distances to be determined and ensure employees are maintaining safe social distancing.
  • RTLS monitoring software creates a history of employee movements.
  • RTLS verifies if a trained person is at the correct workstation.
  • RTLS location information allows employee movements to be analyzed and optimized; if an employee becomes sick, their past interactions can be reviewed, and actions can be taken.
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Siemens SINAMICS G115D Distributed Drives

The new SINAMICS G115D is a powerful drive system that has been specifically designed to address current and future challenges involving horizontal conveyor applications. Typical applications include intralogistics and airports. These markets face challenges such as the volume of demands and parcel shipments, and in environments where space is at a premium. This means that a higher volume must be handled in a shorter time. SINAMICS G115D is the optimum device when addressing all of these requirements as it operates reliably under harsh conditions and takes up little space. It combines a motor, frequency converter and gearbox in one single unit. This all-in-one solution means that it can be easily integrated into existing automation environments.

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Siemens SINAMICS V20 Drives

SINAMICS V20 is a compact, powerful family of drives that offer quick commissioning times, ease-of-operation, reliability and surprising versatility for basic applications. The surprisingly versatile SINAMICS V20 meets a multitude of needs as more and more applications in plant and machinery construction require custom solutions to automate simple motion sequences with minimal requirements.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Reduce Costs
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Siemens SIRIUS ACT Controls & 3VA Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Siemens offers a unique comprehensive portfolio for all industrial control and power distribution applications. The major advantages: with their modular design, Siemens products can be planned and built into a control cabinet in a very simple way. Siemens SIRIUS ACT Controls and 3VA Molded Case Circuit Breakers are especially easy to integrate into distributed systems.

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