Interior Lighting

Steiner will work alongside lighting designers, contractors, property owners and facility managers to create a practical lighting and control system to meet your design criteria while maximizing energy efficiency. We have the ability to provide manufacturer comparisons to sort through the complexity of understanding the cost and benefits of different technologies to help you choose the best solution.


It is important to design the office and warehouse environment with consideration to glare free fixtures while balancing natural sunlight and shade controls for the most energy efficient system. Steiner can assist with evaluating the appropriate amount of light for the required task.


Innovative lighting products that incorporate National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities’ (NCEF) lighting standards including classroom, gymnasium and theater applications.


Lighting sets the mood and atmosphere in a room, whether it be a hotel, restaurant, or casino. The lighting system should have a balance of style, functionality and energy efficiency while creating the appropriate lighting effect with the flexibility to enhance the desired ambiance.


Due to a great deal of time and energy spent washing and sanitizing all the processing equipment, as well as the surrounding facility, the USDA and FDA mandate well-distributed, quality lighting throughout the entire food processing facility. The lighting fixtures must be capable of performing in a wet and damp “wash down” environment.


Advanced lighting products for patient care, surgery and office procedures.


When the power goes out, emergency lights kick on. Various fixtures are available including contemporary designs for surface, ceiling, egress or recessed applications, complying with all state and local codes.


The advances in LED technology now provide solutions for arena lighting which meets the required light levels for competitive events and media coverage while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs.


Don’t compromise when it comes to the safety of your staff and the environment. We provide a full range of LED, fluorescent, HID and incandescent products to address any hazardous application:

  • Gas & vapor–Class I Division 1 & 2
  • Dust–Class II Division 1 & 2
  • Fibers–Class III Division 2
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A pharmaceutical company with an aging T8 general lighting system, needed to achieve a higher level of lighting, more widely distributed and to be controllable with motion sensors. Steiner conducted a full audit of the space and met all the customer’s criteria with an LED 2x4 solution. Savings of 45% was achieved with a 1.8 year payback.

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