80/20 T-Matic Connectort

80/20 T-Matic Connector | Internal Fastner That Requires No Machining

Introducing the 80/20 T-Matic Connector: a hassle-free internal fastener for 15 and 40 Series profiles. Enjoy easy installation, infinite positioning, and robust stability with a left-handed barrel thread. Achieve over 600 lbs holding force and 500 in-lbs torsional strength. Streamline installation with a 6mm ball end power bit (PN 65-6092) and a 5mm ball end hex wrench (PN 65-6098). Recieve a FREE sample by filling out the form below.


  • Internal fastener that requires no machining
  • Compatible with 15 and 40 Series profiles
  • Infinite positioning along the T-Slot profile
  • Two ways to install: Slide into the end of profile or install on captivated profiles with Roll-in T-nut
  • Left-handed barrel thread to prevent loosening during installation
  • Holding force exceeding 600 lbs and torsional strength over 500 in-lbs.
  • Install barrel thread with 6mm ball end power bit (PN 65-6092). Use 5mm ball end hex wrench for screw (PN 65-6098).

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How to Assemble

Step 1

Step 1: The T-Matic Connector comes pre-assembled. Remove the T-nut to begin installing the threaded barrel.

Step 2

Step 2: Install the barrel into the T-slot opening at the end of one profile. Note: Barrel threads will install by rotating counter clockwise.

Step 3

Step 3: With the screw through the threaded barrel, attach the T-nut to the end of the screw.

Step 4

Step 4: Slide the T-nut into the open T-slot of the pairing profile and tighten screw until profiles and secure.

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