nVent Hoffman Extreme Environments

Ultimate Protection of Critical Controls & Equipment in The Most Demanding Environments 

Rely on nVent HOFFMAN's Extreme Environments portfolio of enclosures and air conditioners, including some of the industry’s highest-rated against water and particulate ingress

Certified to UL Type 4X, IEC IP66, IP69, and IP69K, the Extreme Environments portfolio ensures durable, reliable protection of critical equipment and system components operating under the most demanding working conditions – wherever you need to put them. You’ll spend less time and money on maintenance and see longer system uptime.

  • Specially designed for the most demanding environments, including corrosives, excessive moisture, humidity, rain, and broad temperature swings
  • Premium adhesive-free gasketing with durable, welded and ground stainless steel design provides the ultimate in enclosure and air conditioning reliability
  • Ideally suited for water, wastewater, oil and gas, coastal/offshore, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, and other extreme environments
  • Designed inside and out for durability and reliability
  • Multiple standard configurations mean products arrive to you faster than custom or highly modified alternatives

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nVent Extreme Environment AC & Enclosure Combo

Featured Products

nVent Extreme Environment Enclosure

Extreme Environments Enclosure

Extreme Environments Enclosure includes padlocking handle, lift off, lockable door. Available standard in 304SS and White Painted 304SS with zinc plated internal components and EPDM replacement gasket. Gasket is removable, replaceable, and available for sale as a UL Listed field install kit. Gaskets are interchangeable among the Extreme Environments Enclosures of the same size.

This product utilizes the same back panel as A4SW3 for easy enclosure performance improvements for your next project with minimal to no design changes to layout.

Features & Benefits

  • Seams continuously welded and ground smooth
  • EPDM gasket - Temperature range: -50 - 120C
  • Single-point latching on models less than 24-inches tall
  • Three-point latching on models 24-inches or taller
  • Door easily removed by loosening set screws
  • Data pocket is high-impact thermoplastic*
  • Collar studs provided for mounting optional panels
  • Exterior Hardware made of corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel
  • Bonding provision on door; grounding stud on body

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Extreme Environments Air Conditioner

This Extreme Environments Air Conditioner is compact which is ideal for smaller depth enclosures. It supports an energy-efficient rotary compressor with a reliable smart controller. The top is sloped along with sloped internal surface reducing catchpoints for water, dust and bacteria build-up. Cutout Adapter options available for enclosures with older nVent HOFFMAN or Competitive units for easy transitions to this air conditioner.

Features & Benefits

  • Energy-efficient rotary compressor
  • R134A refrigerant
  • Reliable Smart Controller on enclosure side of the unit
  • 10-degree sloped top shroud, welded and ground
  • Sloped internal surfaces reduce catchpoints for water, dust, bacteria build-up
  • FDA-approved neoprene gasket
  • No louvers on vertical surfaces allow washdown with minimal protections
  • Cutout Adapter options for enclosures with older nVent HOFFMAN or Competitive units for easy transitions to new air conditioners
  • Cleanable, reusable aluminum mesh filter included to protect coils for maximum cooling performance in dirty environments
  • UL Listed to save customers time and money with agency approvals
  • Mounting hardware, gaskets and user manual furnished with the unit
  • Standard Air Conditioner models includes Active condensate management with heater strip, Power-off capability for door switch and other system requirements, Malfunction switch, Corrosion-resistant coating on condenser coil, Compressor heater, Head pressure control, Temperature range from -40 F/-40 C to 131 F/55 C
  • Manifold set ships with 2 manifolds (1x supply and 1x return) and 2 sets of mounting brackets (total of 4 brackets incl. mounting hardware)

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nVent Extreme Environment AC
For more info about nVent HOFFMAN Extreme Environments Enclosure & AC call 1-800-STEINER (783-4637) to speak with a Steiner representative. You may also submit the form below for more info.

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