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Return Requests can be made conveniently online to initiate the process for returning materials.

  • Easily find orders that need to be returned
  • Review full order line details for accuracy
  • Request to return entire or partial orders
  • Choose return reason from a provided list of options

Note: You must be logged in to access Return Requests.

Follow the steps below to request a return.

1. Access My Orders

Return Requests 1

After logging into the website, you may access Return Requests via the 'My Orders' page.

Start by revealing the 'My Account' quick menu by hovering over the ‘Person’ icon in the header and then click the ‘My Orders’ link.

Alternatively, you can access 'My Orders' by clicking the ‘My Orders’ link in the lefthand navigation of the ‘My Account’ page.

2. Find Your Order

Return Requests 2

1. Click the 'Search Orders +' link at the top of the 'My Orders' page to reveal the search options.

2. Use the 'Status' dropdown menu to select orders to view by status type.

Return Requests can only be submitted for orders that are in 'Open Invoice' or 'Paid Invoice' status.

  • In-Process: Steiner processed the order but has not yet shipped it. (See order details for ship date.)
  • Open Invoice: Steiner has shipped and invoiced the order. (See order details for ship date and POD.)
  • Paid Invoice: Steiner shipped and invoiced the order; and, invoice has been paid.
  • Submitted: Steiner recently received the order and is reviewing before processing.

More search and sorting options are also available to help refine and sort your search.

3. Click the 'Search' button to render results or click ‘Clear’ to start a new search.

4. Once you have located your order in the search results, click the 'Date' or 'Order #' link to view its order details.

3. Access Return Request Page

Return Requests 3

On the 'Order Details' page, click the 'Return Request (RMA)' button in the top right corner of the screen.

4. Submit Return Request

Return Requests 4

On the 'Return Request (RMA)' page you will need to do the following:

  • Enter any relevant return notes
  • Enter QTY returning
  • Provide a return reason per line item
  • Click the 'Send Return Request' button

After clicking the 'Send Return Request' button you will receive an email confirming your return request has been sent to Steiner to initiate the return process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A request for return does not guarantee credit. The above referenced email is not authorization to return material. After the Steiner customer service team receives and reviews the request for return, they will contact you to issue return authorization and coordinate return of material. All return requests are reviewed; and, material is inspected before credit can be issued.

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