Indexable Tools

Choosing the correct insert or cutting tool is an art and a science. Our primary focus is to work directly with our customers to INCREASE TOOL LIFE, INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY and REDUCE CYCLE TIME.

Our ability to apply an engineered solution goes way beyond a part number in a catalog. The technical and application strength of the Steiner Metalworking team incorporates a holistic approach to a metalworking solution. Our experience and knowledge allows us to integrate the appropriate inserts, fluids, work and tool holding devices, and the grades and coatings with the proper chip breaker while applying the correct speeds and feeds to help meet your specific requirements: Achieving the best possible results. We provide a Total Metalworking Solution.

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  • Port tools
  • Replaceable head
  • Deep hole drilling solutions

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  • End Mills
  • Face Mills
  • Square shoulder
  • 45º lead angle
  • Ball nose
  • High feed

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  • Profiling
  • Roughing
  • Finishing
  • PCD
  • CBN
  • Ceramic

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  • Cut-off, Parting
    • Single End
    • Double End
    • Block & Blade
  • External & Internal Grooving
  • Face Grooving
  • External & Internal Profiling
  • Undercutting

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  • External Inserts
  • Internal Inserts
  • Thread Mills

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  • Coolant & Non-coolant Thru Bars
  • High Speed Steel Boring Bars
  • Solid Carbide Boring Bars
  • Heavy Metal Boring Bars
  • Dampened Anti-Vibration Boring Bars

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For more info about Indexable Tools call 1-800-323-TOOL (8665) to speak with a Steiner metalworking representative.