Square D™ 2510KF3 MANUAL SWITCH 600VAC K+

AC Motor Starting Switches
PDW~6429183 MFG #: 2510KF3
Square D™
93.53000 / ea
Schneider Electric,MANUAL SWITCH 600VAC K+OPTIONS,1 phase,1.5 hp 230 V DC-2 hp 115 V AC-2 hp 115 V DC-2 hp 230 V AC-1 hp 90 V DC-3 hp 575 V AC-3 hp 460 V AC,230 V DC-600 V AC,30 A,K,Single Unit Manual Switch,not rated (flush plate) painted sheet steel standard size
  • Features
Two switches are used, one to connect the motor for forward rotation and one for reverse
Two switches are employed to give ON-OFF control in each speed
2 hp at 230 VAC, 2 hp at 115 VAC, 3 hp at 460 VAC, 3 hp at 575 V AC, 1 hp at 90 VDC, 2 hp at 115 VDC, 1-1/2 hp at 230 VDC
30 A at 600 VAC, 30 A at 24 VDC
Without indicator