SensorSwitch™ SPODMA WH Low-Voltage Push-Button Switch with Manual Auto On, White

Wall Mount Occupancy Sensors
1276998 MFG #: SPODMAWH
44.71000 / ea
The sPODMA Push-button switch is a low voltage wall station interface with standard SensorSwitch occupancy sensor and power packs to implement a wide range of single and bi-level switching applications. And now in a new aesthetic with a screwless wallplate available in six colors.
  • Features
Enables Standard Occupancy Sensors to be used for Manual On Operation Alternative Usage as Override Switch for Auto-On Applications
Single Gang Decorator Style w/ either 1 or 2 On/Off Switches
Soft-Click Push-Buttons
Programmable w/o Removing Switch Plate
Auto return to last set level - on dimmable devices, returns to last set dim level before switched off
Optional: Dual Manual On Operation, Multi-way Operation, 0-10 VDC Dimming Control