Sandvik Coromant 5741890 T-Max® Q-Cut, R151.2-300 08-5F 1125, R/L151.2-5F Insert, Carbide, 1125, R151.2-300 08-5F 1125

R151/L151 Cut-off & Parting Inserts
850140 MFG #: 5741890
Sandvik Coromant
18.47000 / ea
Sandvik Coromant Parting Insert, Series: T-Max® Q-Cut, R/L151.2-5F Insert, 0.2672 in Thickness, 0.1181 in Width, 0.222 in Length, 5F Chipbreaker, 0.004 in Corner Radius, Manufacturer's Grade: 1125, ANSI Code: R151.2-300 08-5F 1125, ISO Code: R151.2-300 08-5F 1125, Right Hand, Carbide, PVD Coated, Material Grade: K/M/P/S
  • Features
Dedicated geometries and grades for all materials
V-clamped 1-edged insert for good stability
For long overhangs and parting off big components
Finishing operation
Concave clamping
-0.03 mm W cutting lower tolerance
0.03 mm W cutting upper tolerance
8 deg major right hand cutting edge
-0.05 mm corner radius lower tolerance
0.05 mm corner radius upper tolerance
E cutting edge condition
8 deg lead
1 edge
V or rail clamp with screw mounting
Positive rake
0.03 - 0.13 mm/r cutting feed
7 insert mounting style code
30 insert seat size code