Metallics JWDW4C Self-Piercing Drywall Screw, Imperial, #8-36, 1-1/4 in OAL, Wafer Head, Sharp Point, Phillips Drive

Drywall Screws
968000 MFG #: JWDW4C
7.65000 / jr
Metallics and Avanti Screw, Inc., prime American manufacturers of fastener products, have always worked to present the latest in fastener technology to our distributors and their contractors/users. Hex Washer Head fasteners have historically only offered three drives-the hex, Phillips and the slot. In 1999, we introduced "The QuaDrive" square, hex, slotted and Phillips, in fourteen of the most popular sizes of sheet metal screws.
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For light duty steel and aluminum, metal to metal Applications
Large diameter head provides greater holding surface