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For health and safety as well as comfort, when the weather turns warm Airmaster Fans provide the cooling action necessary to keep employees happy and productive.  An incredibly wide selection of air circulators, spot coolers, Mancoolers®, and air blasters provides just the right unit for your application.

As temperatures rise, so do the opportunities to save with Airmaster Spring Savings. Airmaster's Non-Oscillating and Oscillating Air Circulator models are designed to efficiently cool your space while keeping energy costs low. With adjustable settings and powerful airflow, these circulators offer customizable comfort for any environment. Take advantage of these spring discounts to invest in reliable cooling solutions that prioritize both performance and savings. Don't let the heat slow you down – stay cool and productive with Airmaster Fans. Download Sell Sheet.


Oscillating Air Circulators

Airmaster® 71565 24"
List: $1,004.66/ea
Your Cost: $357.37/ea

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Airmaster® 71566 30"
List: $1,080.44/ea
Your Cost: $379.98/ea

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Airmaster® 71567 24"
List: $1,106.12/ea
Your Cost: $433.60/ea

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Airmaster® 71568 30"
List: $1,159.88/ea
Your Cost: $486.04/ea

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Non-Oscillating Air Circulators

Airmaster® 71526 30"
List: $960.66/ea
Your Cost: $377.04/ea

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Airmaster® 71725 24"
List: $737.00/ea
Your Cost: $323.05/ea

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Airmaster® 71726 30"
List: $796.88/ea
Your Cost: $336.03/ea

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Airmaster® 71760 24"
List: $926.68/ea
Your Cost:  $355.31/ea

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For more info about Airmaster Fans and the Airmaster Spring Savings call 1-8‌00-STE‌INER (783-463‌7) to speak with a Steiner representative. You may also submit the form below for more info.

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