MELTRIC Decontactor™ 33-38561 DS7C Pin and Sleeve Inlet, 600 VAC, 30 A, 6 Poles, Blue

Pin & Sleeve Inlets
868158 MFG #: 33-38561
377.48000 / ea
DS series Decontactors provide a useful combination of capacity and ruggedness. DS are often used to connect motors and welders in the metals, quarry, automotive, and mining industries. They are designed for applications requiring large wiring capacities. The DSs environmental rating is achieved as soon as the plug and receptacle are fully engaged, making them an excellent choice for outdoor applications where rainproof performance is required.
  • Features
Enclosure IP54/IP55, Wiring Capacity 14 To 8 AWG, Polarity 6 Pole, Ground
Spring loaded, silver nickel butt-style contacts
14 to 8 AWG wire
Solid silver nickel contact surfaces provide superior conductivity, durability and corrosion resistance