Littelfuse® KLNR600 POWR-GARD® KLNR Current Limiting High Speed Fast Acting Fuse, 600 A, 250 VAC/125 VDC, 200/20 kA Interrupt

Class RK1 Fuses
169483 MFG #: KLNR600
435.20000 / ea
KLNR series RK1 fuses were the earliest type of current-limiting fuse developed. Their single-element, silver link design enables them to provide Fast-Acting overload and short circuit protection. When used to protect inductive loads such as motors, solenoids, and transformers, KLNR series fuses must be greatly oversized to prevent opening the fuses on harmless inrush currents. In such applications, KLNR series fuses may only provide short circuit protection.
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Control Circuits & Inst Protection
Extremely current limiting - stops damaging short circuit current faster than any mechanical protective device
Fast-acting - provides fast-acting protection to equipment such as variable speed drives, rectifiers and other equipment containing surge-sensitive components
Reliable interruption of all over currents up to 200000 A
Longer equipment life - current limiting design reduces damage to equipment caused by heating and magnetic effects of short circuit currents
Often permits use of readily available, less costly equipment
North American style
200 kA at 250 VAC, 20 kA at 125 VDC interrupting rating
North American style
200 kA RMS symmetrical at 250 VAC/20 kA at 125 VDC