Littelfuse® H313003P Slo-Blo® 313 Time Delay Cartridge Fuse, 3 A, 250 VAC, 35 A Interrupt, Cylindrical Body

Power Fuse
PDW~4880554 MFG #: H313003P
2.62000 / ea
The 3AG Slo-Blo® fuse solves a broad range of application requirements while offering reliable performance and cost-effective circuit protection.
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electronic equipment & appliances
313 and 315 series fuses have time-delayed in the overload range, which provides superior protection inductive loads such as motors, transformers, and solenoids
3AG indicating fuses instantly identify themselves upon opening by showing a discoloration of their glass bodies
Guesswork and time consuming circuit testing is eliminated
Unique design offers the same quality performance characteristics as the standard 3AG fuse design
Lead free
Nickel-plated brass cap
-55 to 125 deg C operating temperature
10 kA at 125 VAC interrupting rating
4 hrs minimum at 100%, 1 hr maximum at 135% and 5 to 30 sec maximum at 200% opening time
HX marking code