Leviton® PCOUT Photocell, 24 VDC, Stem Mount

Occupancy or Motion Sensing Switch
604039 MFG #: PCOUT
309.80000 / ea
Leviton's photocell sensors precisely monitor either task or ambient light levels. As part of a Leviton lighting and energy solution, photocells work with other components in the system to automatically adjust light levels to a user defined level. Photocells are most suitable for installation in rooms with windows and open spaces receiving substantial ambient light. Photocells must be hardwired to a compatible Leviton lighting control system. The photocell measures ambient light in a specific area and sends this data to a dimmer or relay that, in turn, adjusts fixtures to a constant lighting level as measured in that specific area. Daylight harvesting is achieved as lights in a room (with windows or significant, artificial ambient light) automatically brighten or dim depending on how much light the photocell detects.
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Commercial and Outdoor Applications
Constant lighting at the optimal level for greater visual comfort and acuity, which contributes to improved productivity
Provides convenient, automatic hands free daylight harvesting when integrated with Leviton® lighting control products
Lowers electric bills by reducing usage of lighting where ambient natural light is also present
Lumen maintenance opportunity compatible
Outdoor photocells are IP54 rated to guarantee ultimate protection from dirt, dust, oil and other non-corrosive material
Measures light from any source in the visible spectrum within a 60 deg cone or 180 deg angle of response depending on the model
PCOUT outdoor photocell is enclosed in a weatherproof housing with a visor for shading and lens protection, default setting 0 to 250 FC sensing range
PCOUT Outdoor Photocell is Enclosed in a Weatherproof Housing with a Visor for Shading and Lens Protection, Default Setting=0-250fc Sensing Range, Made in USA