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Features: Random Setting Turns Lights On/Off at Different Times so it Appears Someone is Always at Their Home or Business, Auto Daylight Saving Time Adjustment, Astronomic Feature can be Combined with Specific Timed On/Off Programming
Up to 40 ON/OFF events per week
No neutral required
Easy to program for 24-Hour or 7-Day load control
Astronomic feature provides sunset ON and sunrise OFF settings or combine Astronomic features with specific timed ON/OFF programming
Continuously displays time of day, mode and load status
Auto daylight saving time adjustment
Random in setting turns light ON and OFF at slightly different times each day
Low battery indicator. CR2 lithium battery provides up to 2 years of time keeping without AC power
User program selections are stored in non-volatile memory
Controls switched outlets
Single-pole or 3-way compatible
4 hp at 12 VDC, 2 hp at 28 VDC