Decora® IllumaTech™ IP710-LFZ 3-Way Electro-Mechanical Dimmer, 120/277 VAC, 1 Pole, Standard On/Off Mode

Electrical Switches
731767 MFG #: IP710-LFZ
144.74000 / ea
To simplify inventory, IllumaTech® Slide and Rotary Controls are designed for both single pole (onelocation) and 3-way (two location) applications. IllumaTech® Preset Slide Controls feature a smooth, captured slide bar for fine adjustment of lighting levels and an easy-to use push button that provides preset ON-OFF switching. IllumaTech® slide controls include LED, CFL, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage and fluorescent lighting dimmers, as well as full range and quiet fan speed controls. IllumaTech® Rotary Controls combine the ease-of a traditional rotary knob with the contemporary look of Decora®. They are perfect for specifiers, lighting designers and engineers who require reliable performance and a modern rotary look. Rotary controls include push on/push off dimmers. in illuminated and non-illuminated versions, as well as quiet fan speed controls and a combination dimmer/ fan speed control.
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5 Years Limited Warranty, Made in Mexico
Fluid slide movement allows fine adjustment of light level with minimal effort
Easy to use pushbutton switch with conveniently positioned green LED locator
Attractive styling coordinates perfectly with Leviton® complete line of Decora® wiring devices
Provides 1-pole and multi-location lighting control when used with a 3-way switch
Built-in radio/TV interference filter
0 to 10 VDC LED power supply
Slide controls travel approximately 20mm
Power failure recovery ensures retention of last setting before power interruption
Flammability (rated V-2 per UL94) environmental conditions
For both single pole (one-location) and 3-way (two location) applications
LED Dimmer for 0-10V power supplies, no LED locator
White assembled on device, Ivory and Light Almond Color Change Kits included
Without LED Locator