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For Splicing And Tapping Aluminum And Copper Conductors
Features: Insulation Piercing Capability: Eliminates The Need For Conductor Insulation Stripping, UL486B Listed, AL9CU Rated: For Copper And Aluminum Conductor Combinations Up To 90 DEG C 600 Volt Applications, Insulation Piercing Design: Eliminates The Need For Taping, Easy Snap-Out Tabs: Eases Installation, Protects Connection From Dirt And Debris, Simple Bolt-On Connection: Eases Installation, Ideally Suited For Splicing And Tapping Aluminum And Copper Conductor Wire Sizes: #10 AWG To 500 KCMIL, Stud/bolt Size: 5/16-18 Diameter, Installation Torque: 180 IN-LB, Width: 2.56 IN, Length: 1.53 IN, Height: 2 IN, Socket Size: 1/2 IN
Insulation piercing capability
Eliminates the need for conductor insulation stripping
For copper and aluminum conductor combinations
Insulation piercing design
Eliminates the need for taping, easy snap-out tabs eliminates the need for taping
Easy snap-out tabs eases installation, protects connection from dirt and debris
Simple bolt-on connection eases installation
Splice, tap connection type
8 - 1/0 AWG (main/primary), 8 - 2 AWG (tap/secondary), 10 AWG to 500 kcmil