Appleton® Powertite® ADJA20023-200 Style 2 Shell/ Extra Pole Grounding Pin and Sleeve Receptacle With AJA Mounting Box, 600 VAC/250 VDC, 200 A, 3 Poles, 2 Wires

Pin & Sleeve Receptacle-Box Assemblies
986884 MFG #: ADJA20023200
1409.23000 / ea
The Powertite series uses the versatile pin and sleeve design to provide safe, reliable power for any type of heavy duty equipment, fixed or portable. Available in 30, 60, 100, 150, 200 and 400 Amp designs, these plugs and receptacles are built of triple coated, copperfree aluminum to withstand harsh weather, corrosive atmospheres and rough working conditions.
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For AP20023E Plug
Grounding style: Shell and extra pole; Designed to supply power to portable or fixed electrical equipment such as motor generator units, welders, pumps, compressors, cellular relay stations and similar apparatus; Ideal for use on shipping docks, ports and other ship to shore applications; Suitable for use in locations where a weatherproof enclosure is required; Rough usage construction; Natural finish glass filled polyester insulating blocks; Wire recess diameter: 11/16 IN; Weatherproof spring door, raintight clamp cover