Appleton® EFDB110102 EFDB Dead End Factory Sealed Selector Switch, 600 VAC, 10 A

Explosion Proof Control Station Switches
969126 MFG #: EFDB110102
425.87000 / ea
Appleton® Selector Switch, Dead End Factory Sealed, Series: EFDB, 600 VAC, 10 A, Maintained Contact Mode, Hand Off Auto Legend, NEMA 3/7/9, Surface Mount, Aluminum, Natural
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For Used In Conjunction With Contactors Or Magnetic Starters For Remote Control Of Motors
Maintained Contact; Explosionproof, dust-ignitionproof; Furnished with Internal Ground Screw; EFDB Selector Switches - Eliminate need for adding sealing fittings and compound at each conduit entrance; Selector switch contacts are silver cadmium oxide which are sealed in lower phenolic chamber isolated from corrosive elements; Assures positive contact and long, trouble-free operation; Provide Circuit Control And/Or Selection; EFD/EFDB and EDS factory sealed control stations confine arcing of device within the enclosure, preventing ignition of ignitable atmospheres during control operation of motors and other equipment
Factory sealed selector switches furnished with nylon cam operated, heavy duty push buttons for either 2-position or 3-position maintained contact operation
High thermal and arc resistance, high dielectric strength
Copperfree (4/10 of 1% maximum) aluminum operator mechanism, nylon cam and sealed phenolic contact block